IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

List of Satellite projects for which frequencies have been coordinated.
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Sat Name Supporting Organisation  
VUSat/Hamsat Detail
Knacksat King Mongkut University of Technology North BangkokDetail
Tsuru Kyushu Institute of TechnologyDetail
UMKA-1 MOU secondary school No. 29 named after P. I. ZabrodinDetail
CSIROSat-1 University of South Australia & CSIRODetail
SONATE University of Wuerzburg Department of Computer Science VIIIDetail
Unitec-1 University Space Engineering ConsortiumDetail
PTecSat-Info not provided-Detail
AAUSAT-IIAalborg UniversityDetail
AAUSAT-3Aalborg UniversityDetail
AAUSAT-4Aalborg UniversityDetail
AAUSAT-5Aalborg UniversityDetail
DISCO-1Aalborg UniversityDetail
Foresail-1Aalto UniversityDetail
Aalto-3Aalto UniversityDetail
Aalto-1Aalto University, School of Electrical EngineeringDetail
Suomi 100Aalto University, School of Electrical EngineeringDetail
DISCO-2Aarhus UniversityDetail
Delphini-1Aarhus University – Department of EngineeringDetail
SAFIR-SAATiS e.v.Detail
AISatAerospace Center Bremen, Uni of Applied ScienceDetail
Taurus-1Aerospace System Engineering Research Institute of ShanghaiDetail
AUTcube2Aich University of TechnologyDetail
ARC-1Alaska Space Grant ProgramDetail
Ex-Alta 2AlbertaSat, University of AlbertaDetail
YukonSATAlbertaSat, University of AlbertaDetail
AuroraSATAlbertaSat, University of AlbertaDetail
SFAB-01Amateur Radio Interest Group of Shanghai Tech UniversityDetail
Astrocast 0.1 & 0.2Amateurfunkverein der Hochschule LuzernDetail
Nayif-1/EO88American University of SharjahDetail
PehuensatAMSAT ArgentinaDetail
HAM-TVAMSAT ItaliaDetail
Phase 3EAMSAT-DLDetail
Hades AMSAT-EADetail
CUAVA-1ARC Training Centre for CubeSats, UAVs, and Their Applications (CUAVA), University of Sydney, SchoolDetail
ArduSat-1ArduSat IncDetail
SATLLA-1Ariel UniversityDetail
SATLLA-2Ariel UniversityDetail
Phoenix CubeSatArizona State UniveristyDetail
LightCubeArizona State UniversityDetail
DORAArizona State UniversityDetail
EnduroSat AAssociation TsiolkovskyDetail
SOHLA-1Astro-Technology SOHLADetail
Canyval-XAstrodynamics and Control Lab. Yonsei UnivDetail
InnoSAT-2Astronautic Technology M Sdn BhdDetail
Aubiesat XAuburn University Student Space ProgramDetail
CubeBel1Belarus State University Detail
CubeBel-2Belarusian State University Detail
Centennial-1Booz Allen HamiltonDetail
Pleiades - SquaredBronco Space | Cal Poly PomonaDetail
EQUISatBrown UniversityDetail
ATL-1Budapest University of Technology and EconomicsDetail
SMOG-PBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsDetail
SMOG-2Budapest University of Technology and EconomicsDetail
MRC-100Budapest University of Technology and EconomicsDetail
Masat-1Budapest University of Technology and Economics,Detail
SMOG-1Budapest University of Technology and Economics,Detail
Killick-1C-CORE and Memorial University of NewfoundlandDetail
CAPE1Cajun Advanced Picosatellite ExperimentDetail
Cape-2Cajun Advanced Picosatellite ExperimentDetail
DAVE/CP7Cal PolyDetail
ISX/CP11Cal PolyDetail
ExoCube2/CP12Cal PolyDetail
CP1Cal Poly Aerospace EngineeringDetail
CP2Cal Poly Aerospace EngineeringDetail
LightSail-1Cal Poly State UniversityDetail
CP4Cal Poly United Amateur Radio Club Detail
CP8Cal Poly United Amateur Radio ClubDetail
LightSail-B (now LightSail -2)California Polytechnic State UniversityDetail
Spinnaker3California Polytechnic State UniversityDetail
CSUNSat1California State UniversityDetail
CAS-3 ConstellationCAMSATDetail
TartanArtibeus-1Carnegie Mellon UniversityDetail
PyCubed-1Carnegie Mellon UniversityDetail
NanoSail-DCenter for Robotic Exploration and Space TechnologDetail
O/OREOSCenter for Robotic Exploration and Space TechnologDetail
NanoSail-D2Center for Robotic Exploration and Space TechnologDetail
CZE-BDSATCentral European Institute of Technology Detail
BDSAT-2Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC)Detail
Alsat-1NCentre de Développement des SatellitesDetail
LQSatChangchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (CIOMP)Detail
SpinSatChantilly AcademyDetail
SakuraChiba Institute of TechnologyDetail
YOMOGIChiba University of TechnologyDetail
KASHIWAChiba University of TechnologyDetail
BY70-1China Center for Aerospace Science and TechnologyDetail
BY70-3China Center for Aerospace Science and Technology International Communications(CCASTIC)Detail
JuvenileChina Soong Ching Ling Youth Science and Culture CenterDetail
CAMSAT_BUAASat-1Chinese Amateur Satellite Group Detail
CAS-10Chinese Amateur Satellite Group ( CAMSAT )Detail
CAS-4A & CAS-4BChinese Amateur Satellite Group (CAMSAT)Detail
CAS-9 also named Hope-3 (XW-3), Chinese Amateur Satellite Group (CAMSAT)Detail
CAS-5AChinese Amateur Satellite Group - CAMSATDetail
CAS-5BChinese Amateur Satellite Group - CAMSATDetail
CAS-6Chinese Amateur Satellite Group - CAMSATDetail
CAS-7AChinese Amateur Satellite Group - CAMSATDetail
CAS-7BChinese Amateur Satellite Group - CAMSATDetail
CAS-8AChinese Amateur Satellite Group - CAMSATDetail
CAS-8BChinese Amateur Satellite Group - CAMSATDetail
CAS-8CChinese Amateur Satellite Group - CAMSATDetail
CAS-8DChinese Amateur Satellite Group - CAMSATDetail
CAS-7CChinese Amateur Satellite Group - CAMSATDetail
CRAC-01Chinese Radio Amateurs ClubDetail
CRAC-2Chinese Radio Amateurs ClubDetail
CSSARCChinese Radio Amateurs Club (CRAC)Detail
STEP-1Chosun University, Gwangju, Republic of KoreaDetail
CNUSAIL-1Chungnam National University, Department of Aerospace EngineeringDetail
CisLunar Explorers 1 & 2CisLunar Explorers Satellite ProjectDetail
Clark Sat-1CLARK NEXT TOKYO High SchoolDetail
PicSatCNRS/LESIA - Observatoire de Paris Detail
PharmaSatCntr for Robotic Exploration & Space TechnologiesDetail
Genesat-2Cntr for Robotic Exploration & Space TechnologiesDetail
KSU_CubeSatCollege of Engineering King Saud UniveristyDetail
Swayam COEPCollege of Engineering PuneDetail
FACSATColombian Air Force AcademyDetail
HermesColorado Space Grant ConsortiumDetail
ALL-STARColorado Space Grant ConsortiumDetail
SC-ODINConcordia UniversityDetail
CUSat Cornell Univ Space Systems LabDetail
ICEcube1 & 2Cornell UniversityDetail
KickSatCornell UniversityDetail
KickSat-2Cornell UniversityDetail
ORS-SquaredCOSMIAC at the University of New MexicoDetail
Trailblazer-1COSMIAC at the University of New Mexico (UNM)Detail
CosmoGirlSatCosmoGirl Satellite ProjectDetail
CougSat 1Cougs in Space, Washington State UniversityDetail
LightSail-ACSC Department, Cal PolyDetail
Robusta 1bCSU (Centre Spatial Universitaire ) – Université Montpellier 2Detail
DandeCU-Colorado Space Grant ConsortiumDetail
VIOLET (2020)CubeSat NBDetail
LORISDalhousie UniversityDetail
Delfi-C3Delft University of TechnologyDetail
Delfi-n3XtDelft University of TechnologyDetail
Delfi-PQDelft University of TechnologyDetail
Da Vinci CubeSatDelft University of TechnologyDetail
DynaCubeDenel DynamicsDetail
Ten-Koh 2Department of Aerospace Engineering, College of Science and Technology, Nihon UniversityDetail
NexusDepartment of Aerospace Engineering, Nihon University Detail
ArtSat-2 - DespatchDepartment of Information Design, Tama Art UniversityDetail
APRSDP-BTNDepartment of IT and TelecomDetail
Surya Satellite-1Department Physics and Energy Engineering at Surya UniversityDetail
SEEDSDept of Aerospace Eng - Nihon Univ JapanDetail
PrathamDept of Aerospace Eng, IIT Bombay, IndiaDetail
SproutDept of Aerospace Engineering, Nihon UniversityDetail
JugnuDept of Elec Engineering, IIT Kanpur, IndiaDetail
Thybolt 1 and 2Dhruva Space Private Limited (Starfleet Amateur Radio Club)Detail
LEDSATDIAEE Sapienza University of RomeDetail
GreencubeDIAEE Sapzienza University of RomeDetail
DIY-1 - ArduiqubeDiysatellite GroupDetail
SOMPDresdenTechnische UniversityDetail
DragonSAT-1Drexel UniversityDetail
SwisscubeEcole Polytechnique Fédérale de LausanneDetail
EagleSat-1Embry Riddle Aeronautical UniversityDetail
EagleSat -2Embry Riddle Aeronautical UniversityDetail
Romit-1European Lunar Exploration AssociationDetail
SSETI-ExpressEuropean Space AgencyDetail
OPS-SATEuropean Space Agency - ESOCDetail
ExseedSatExseed Space Innovations Pvt LtdDetail
FLORIPASAT-1Federal University of Santa CatarinaDetail
PION-BR1Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar)Detail
F-1FSpace laboratory, FPT Corporation, Hanoi, VietnamDetail
Fitsat-1Fukuoka Institute of TechnologyDetail
CubeSTARFysisk InstituttDetail
ZACube-1F’SATI, Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyDetail
ZACube-2F’SATI, Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyDetail
Swampsat (was Gatorsat)Gator Amateur Radio Club @ the Univ of FloridaDetail
Tu-PODGauss SrlDetail
RECONSOGeorgia Institute of TechnologyDetail
Prox-1Georgia Institute of TechnologyDetail
RANGE A & BGeorgia Institute of TechnologyDetail
TargitGeorgia Institute of Technology Detail
Geoscan-EdelveisGeoscan LtdDetail
CLAVIS-1 (AISat payload)German Aerospace Centre, Institute of Space SystemDetail
D-STAR-ONEGerman Orbital SystemsDetail
GT-1Glenn Lightsey Research Group, Space Systems Design Lab, Georgia Institute of TechnologyDetail
GOMX-1GomSpace ApsDetail
GOMX-2GomSpace ApsDetail
GOMX-3GomSpace ApsDetail
FEESGP Advanced Projects srlsDetail
IDEASSatGraduate Institute of Space Science National Central UniversityDetail
myPocketQub 391Gruppo di Astrodinamica Università degli Studi SapDetail
HAUSAT-1Hankuk Aviation University - SeoulDetail
HSU-SAT1Happy Science University Satori LaboratoryDetail
LilacSat-2Harbin Institute of TechnologyDetail
DSLWP-A1/A2Harbin Institute of TechnologyDetail
ASRTU-1Harbin Institute of TechnologyDetail
Lunar Oscar IIHarbin Institute of TechnologyDetail
HiakasatHawaii Space Flight Laboratory, University of Hawaii at ManoaDetail
HiapoHawaiii Science & Technology MuseumDetail
Hawksat1Hawk Institute for Space SciencesDetail
Duchifat-1Herzliya Science CenterDetail
Duchifat3Herzliya Science CenterDetail
Tevel MissionHerzliya Science CenterDetail
TausatHerzliya Science CenterDetail
Hit-SatHokkaido Institute of TechnologyDetail
CubeSX-HSE(RS13S)HSE Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM HSE, https://miem.hse.ru/en/)Detail
CubeSX-Sirius-HSE(RS14S)HSE Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM HSE, https://miem.hse.ru/en/)Detail
HSKSATHSK Amateur Radio Club Detail
TY2 -TY3 -TY4 -TY5 -TY6Hunan Amateur Radio SocietyDetail
HuskySat-1Husky Satellite Lab at the University of WashingtonDetail
RobustaIES - Université Montpellier 2Detail
AtmoCubeINAF- Astronomical Observatory of TriesteDetail
IITMSATIndian Institute of Technology MadrasDetail
Lapan-OrariIndonesia Institute of Aeronautics and Space(LAPANDetail
Lapan-A2Indonesia Institute of Aeronautics and Space(LAPANDetail
Lapan TubsatIndonesian Aeronautics and Space InstituteDetail
GeneSat-1Inland Northwest Space AllianceDetail
InKlajn-1INSA - The Israeli Nano-Satellite AssociationDetail
CanX-2Institute for Aerospace Studies-Toronto UniversityDetail
Ukpik-1Institute for Earth and Space Exploration, The University of Western OntarioDetail
FSI-SAT1Institute of Future Science Happy Science University Satori Laboratory Hokkaido Satellite Co. , Ltd.Detail
ESTCube-2Institute of Physics, University of TartuDetail
TIANZHI-01Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of SciencesDetail
ICUBE-1Institute of Space Technology - IslamabadDetail
Istsat-1Instituto Superior Técnico & AMRAD (AMSAT-CT)Detail
KrakSatIntegra AGHDetail
Cubesat XI-VIntelligent Space Systems Lab - Univ of TokyoDetail
Prism-1Intelligent Space Systems Lab, U of TokyoDetail
BY70-8International Cooperation Center of China AerospaceDetail
CySat-1Iowa State UniversityDetail
Triton-2ISIS BVDetail
ITUpSAT-1Istanbul Technical UniversityDetail
TURKSAT-3USATIstanbul Technical UniversityDetail
UbakusatIstanbul Technical UniversityDetail
Max Valier SatIstituto Tecnologico (TFO / Technologische Fachoberschule) Detail
OmotenashiJAXA Ham Radio ClubDetail
LEV-1JAXA Ham Radio ClubDetail
UWE-1Julius Maximilans University, Wurzburg, GermanyDetail
STARSKagawa UniversityDetail
STARS-IIKagawa UniversityDetail
Shin-En2Kagoshima UniversityDetail
Kysat1Kentucky Science and Technology CorporationDetail
KySat-2Kentucky Space LLCDetail
ChubuSat-2Komaki Amateur Radio SATCOM ClubDetail
ChubuSat-3Komaki Amateur Radio SATCOM ClubDetail
Z-SatKomaki Amateur Radio SATCOM ClubDetail
ChubuSat-1Komaki Amateur Radio SATCOM Club (TBD)Detail
VisionCubeKorea Aerospace UniversityDetail
SEAMKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyDetail
MISTKTH Space Centre, StockholmDetail
LignoSatKyoto University, Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability Detail
Horyu-IIKyushu Institute of Technology Detail
Horyu-3Kyushu Institute of TechnologyDetail
HORYU-4Kyushu Institute of Technology Detail
Aoba-VeloxIIIKyushu Institute of Technology Detail
BIRDS -B,-G,-J,-MKyushu Institute of TechnologyDetail
BHUTAN-1Kyushu Institute of Technology Detail
MAYA-1Kyushu Institute of Technology Detail
UiTMSAT-1Kyushu Institute of Technology Detail
Ten-KohKyushu Institute of Technology Detail
Raavana-1Kyushu Institute of Technology Detail
UguisuKyushu Institute of Technology Detail
NepaliSat-1Kyushu Institute of Technology Detail
GuaraniSat-1Kyushu Institute of TechnologyDetail
Maya-2Kyushu Institute of TechnologyDetail
FUTABAKyushu Institute of technologyDetail
KITSUNEKyushu Institute of TechnologyDetail
PearlAfricaSat-1Kyushu Institute of TechnologyDetail
ZimSat-1 (Birds-5)Kyushu Institute of TechnologyDetail
TAKA (Birds-5)Kyushu Institute of TechnologyDetail
Mitsuba-1Kyushu Institute of TechnologyDetail
DragonflyKyushu Institute of TechnologyDetail
Horyu-IKyushu Institute of Technology, Fukuoka, JapanDetail
CSIMLaboratory for Atmospheric and Space PhysicsDetail
Cute-1.7+APD IILaboratory for Space Systems, Tokyo Institute of TDetail
TSUBAMELaboratory for Space Systems, Tokyo Institute of TDetail
DescentLassonde School of Engineering @ York UniversityDetail
First MOVELehrstuhl für Raumfahrttechnik, TU MünchenDetail
Qubik-1 & Qubik-2Libre Space FoundationDetail
QUBIK-3/4/5/6Libre Space FoundationDetail
FMN-1Link Space Aerospace TechnologyDetail
LitSat1 Lithuanian Space AssociationDetail
ParikshitManipal Institute of TechnologyDetail
GoldenEagle-1Marquette UniversityDetail
MYSat-1Masdar Institute of Science and TechnologyDetail
NEUDOSEMcMaster UniversityDetail
CUNYSAT-1Medgar Evers CollegeDetail
We-WishMeisei Amateur Radio ClubDetail
ACRUX-1Melbourne Space Program LtdDetail
KKS-1Metropolitan Col. of Ind. Technology- ToDetail
Oculus-ASRMichigan Technological UniversityDetail
StratusMichigan Technological UniversityDetail
PQ-Gemini++Micro-Space IncDetail
AthenoxMicrospace Rapid Pte LtdDetail
POPSAT-Hip1Microspace Rapid Pte Ltd, SingaporeDetail
CubeBug-1Ministry of Science, Technology & Productive InnovationDetail
CubeBug-2Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive InnovationDetail
Mr & Mrs SatsMissouri University of Science and TechnologyDetail
MeropeMontana State UniversityDetail
BarnacleSatMontana State UniversityDetail
Explorer1PrimeMontana State UniversityDetail
Firebird A&BMontana State UniversityDetail
PrintsatMontana State UniversityDetail
IT-SPINSMontana State University Detail
RadSat-gMontana State UniversityDetail
RadSat-uMontana State UniversityDetail
FIREBIRD-2Montana State University Space Science andDetail
Eagle-1Morehead State UniversityDetail
Eagle-2Morehead State UniversityDetail
CXBNMorehead State University Space Science CenterDetail
CXBN-2Morehead State University Space Science CenterDetail
MIR-SAT1MRC - Mauritius Research CouncilDetail
Magnaro A & BNagoya UniversityDetail
Velox-PNanyang Technological UniversityDetail
MAESATNanyang Technological UniversityDetail
AOBA VELOX IVNanyang Technological University, SingaporeDetail
Velox-PIINanyang Techonological UniversityDetail
HiNCubeNarvik University College Detail
Phonesat-v1NASA Ames Research CenterDetail
PhoneSat v2NASA Ames Research CenterDetail
YamSatNational Applied Research Laboratories, TaiwanDetail
Egycubesat-1National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space SciencesDetail
K´OTONational Autonomous University of MexicoDetail
TechEdSat-1National Center for Advanced Small Spacecraft TechnologyDetail
TARONational Cheng Kung UniversityDetail
PACENational Cheng Kung UniversityDetail
IRIS-ANational Cheng Kung UniversityDetail
NutSatNational Formosa UniversityDetail
NANOSATC-BR2National Institute for Space Research – INPE/MCTIDetail
Ulises-1National Institute of Astrophysics Optics and Electronics, MexicoDetail
Nanosatc-BRNational Institute of Space Research -BrazilDetail
KOSEN-1National Institute of Technology, Kochi CollegeDetail
KOSEN-2National Institute of Technology, Yonago CollegeDetail
YUSAT-1National Taiwan Ocean UniversityDetail
PolyITAN-1 National Technical University of UkraineDetail
QBUA01National Technical University of UkraineDetail
SpooQy-1National University of SingaporeDetail
NPS-SCATNaval Postgraduate SchoolDetail
PolluxNaval Research Lab Amateur Radio ClubDetail
CastorNaval Research LaboratoryDetail
Tethersat1 & 2Naval Research LaboratoryDetail
NMSUSatNew Mexico State UniversityDetail
Ralphie & SparkieNew Mexico State University Amateur Radio ClubDetail
INCA - Ionospheric Neutron Content AnalyzerNew Mexico State University NanoSat LabDetail
StudsatNitte Meenakshi Institute of TechnologyDetail
Star of AoxiangNorthwestern Polytechnical UniversityDetail
Ncube-1Norwegian Univ of Science & TechnologyDetail
Ncube-2Norwegian Univ of Science & TechnologyDetail
STMSat-1not providedDetail
LituanicaSAT-1NPO Innovative Engineering ProjectsDetail
FCAL-Stensat 2NRL Amateur Radio ClubDetail
NUTSNTNU, Department of Electronics and TelecommunicationDetail
Bobcat-1Ohio UniversityDetail
OSSI-1Open Source Satellite InitiativeDetail
ROSEYCUBESAT-1Orbital Solutions MonacoDetail
Proiteres 2Osaka Institute of Technology Detail
Dream Sat 01Osaka Institute of TechnologyDetail
OPUSATOsaka Prefecture University Small Spacecraft Systems Research Center Detail
IGOSatParis Diderot UniversityDetail
COPPERParks College, Saint Louis UniversityDetail
Argus-01Parks College, Saint Louis UniversityDetail
Argus-2Parks College, Saint Louis UniversityDetail
Foras PromineoPerkins Local School DistrictDetail
Planetum 1Planetum – Observatory and Planetarium Detail
Picpot 1Politecnico di TorinoDetail
E-Star-2Politenco di TorinoDetail
CP5Polysat, Cal Poly State UniversityDetail
PUCP-SAT-1Pontificia Universidad Catolica del PeruDetail
Pocket-PUCPPontificia Universidad Catolica del PeruDetail
OreSat-1Portland State Aerospace Society at Portland State UniversityDetail
OreSat0Portland State Aerospace Society at Portland State UniversityDetail
OreSat0.5Portland State Aerospace Society at Portland State UniversityDetail
ProiteresProiteres Development and Operation TeamDetail
Aalto-2QB50 & Aalto UniversityDetail
VZLUSAT-1QB50 & Aerospace Research and Test EstablishmentDetail
Anusat-2QB50 & Anna UniversityDetail
YUSend-QB50QB50 & Centre for Research in Earth and Space Science, Lassonde SchoolDetail
Delta-DsatQB50 & Cranfield UniversityDetail
DelfFFi-Delta QB50 & Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)Detail
DelfFFi-PhiQB50 & Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)Detail
ExAlta-1QB50 & Dept of Physics, University of AlbertaDetail
QBITOQB50 & E-USOC, ETSI de Aeronáuticos, Universidad Politécnica de MadridDetail
XCubesatQB50 & Ecole PolytechniqueDetail
PegasusQB50 & Fachhochschule Wiener NeustadtDetail
GAMASATQB50 & Faculty of Engineering of the University of PortoDetail
Dragsail-CubeSatQB50 & FH AachenDetail
LilacSat-1QB50 & Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)Detail
Hoopoe/IL01QB50 & Herzliya Science Center - 4X4HSCDetail
RoBiSAT-1QB50 & Institute of Space Science, RomaniaDetail
RoBiSAT-2QB50 & Institute of Space Science, RomaniaDetail
14-BISatQB50 & Instituto Federal FluminenseDetail
BeEagleSatQB50 & Istanbul Technical UniversityDetail
LinkQB50 & Korea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyDetail
qbee01/SW01QB50 & Luleå Tekniska Universitet (LTU)Detail
SpaceCubeQB50 & Mines ParistechDetail
NJUST-1QB50 & Nanjing University of Science and TechnologyDetail
PHOENIXQB50 & National Cheng Kung UniversityDetail
KPI-SAU-1QB50 & National Technical University of Ukraine, Kiev Polytechnic InstituteDetail
NUDTSatQB50 & National University of Defense Technology Detail
LithuanicaSAT-2QB50 & NPO Innovative Engineering ProjectsDetail
SamSat-QB50QB50 & Samara State UniversityDetail
BUSAT-1QB50 & School of Astronautics, Beihang UniversityDetail
nSIGHT1QB50 & SCS-SpaceDetail
SNUSAT-1QB50 & Seoul National UniversityDetail
SNUSAT-1bQB50 & Seoul National UniversityDetail
Aoxiang-1QB50 & Shaanxi Engineering Laboratory for Microsatellites,Detail
STU-1QB50 & ShanghaiTech UniversityDetail
DiscoveryQB50 & Stanford UniversityDetail
ZA-AeroSatQB50 & Stellenbosch UniversityDetail
InflateSailQB50 & Surrey Space CentreDetail
SUSatQB50 & The Institute for Telecommunications ResearchDetail
UNSW-EC0QB50 & The University of New South WalesDetail
Inspire2QB50 & The University of SydneyDetail
QARMANQB50 & the Von Karmin Institute for Fluid DynamicsDetail
SOMP-2QB50 & TU DresdenDetail
QB50_US04_ColumbiaQB50 & Universidad del TuraboDetail
Ursa MaiorQB50 & Universita’ di Roma “La Sapienza”Detail
OGMS-SAQB50 & Université Paris-Est Creteil Detail
QB50_US01_ChallengerQB50 & University of ColoradoDetail
AtlantisQB50 & University of MichiganDetail
UPSatQB50 & University of PatrasDetail
HavelSatQB50, Havelsan & Istanbul Technical UniversityDetail
DUTHSATQB50/Democritus University of ThraceDetail
UapsatRadio Club PeruanoDetail
SeeMeRaytheon Missile SystemsDetail
Reaktor Hello WorldReaktor InnovationsDetail
K2SATRepublic of Korea Air Force AcademyDetail
Rhok-SatRhodes CollegeDetail
e-st@rRI – Sezione di Bra (Ham Radio Club) & POLITECNICODetail
OwlsatRice UniversityDetail
RamSatRobertsville Middle SchoolDetail
ROM - 3Romanian Radioamateur FederationDetail
MemSat-1Rowan UniversityDetail
JY1SATRoyal Jordanian Radio Amateur Society Detail
RSP-00Rymansat ProjectDetail
RSP-01Rymansat ProjectDetail
RSP-03Rymansat ProjectDetail
SumbandilaSatSA AMSATDetail
SaganSat0Saga Prefectural Space and Science MuseumDetail
BisonSatSalish Kootenai CollegeDetail
LambdasatSan Jose State UniversityDetail
SporeSatSanta Clara UniversityDetail
EDSNSanta Clara UniversityDetail
EcAMSatSanta Clara UniversityDetail
NodesSanta Clara UniversityDetail
BugSat-1Satellogic S.A.Detail
NuSat-1 and NuSat-2Satellogic S.A. & AMSAT-LUDetail
SathyabamasatSathyabama UniversityDetail
SwiatowidSatRevolution S.A.Detail
Astrobio Cubesat (ABCS)Scuola di Ingegneria AerospazialeDetail
STECCOScuola di Ingegneria AerospazialeDetail
UNICubeSATScuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale Universtà di RomDetail
SNUSAT-2Seoul National UniversityDetail
SnugliteSeoul National UniversityDetail
SNUGLITE-IISeoul National UniversityDetail
Libertad 1Sergio Arboldea University ColombiaDetail
TY-1Shaanxi Engineering Lab for Microsatellites, NW Polytechnical UniversityDetail
Sharjahsat-1Sharjah Academy for Astronomy, Space Sciences, and TechnologyDetail
Shindai-satShinsyu UniversityDetail
Stars-CShizuoka UniversityDetail
Stars-AOShizuoka UniversityDetail
STARS-MeShizuoka UniversityDetail
STARS-Me2Shizuoka UniversityDetail
STARS-ECShizuoka UniversityDetail
STARS-NTShizuoka UniversityDetail
Lucky-7SkyFox Labs s.r.o.Detail
Opusat-IISmall Spacecraft System Research Center Osaka Pref UniversityDetail
Negai (was Exelsior)Soka UniversityDetail
EdgeCubeSonoma State UniversityDetail
Sorunsat-1Sorun Ham Club TokyoDetail
Swisscube 2Space Center, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de LausDetail
AzaadiSAT & AzaadiSAT-2Space Kidz IndiaDetail
Brite-PL1Space Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences Detail
Brite-PL2Space Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences Detail
Binar-1Space Science and Technology Centre, Curtin UniversityDetail
Binar 2,3,4,5,6 &7Space Science and Technology Centre, Curtin UniversityDetail
TeikyoSat-3Space System Research Group of Teikyo UniversityDetail
KauSat-5Space System Research Laboratory, SSRL, Korea Aerospace UniversityDetail
TeikyoSat-4Space System Society of Teikyo UniversityDetail
ClimbSpace Tech Group Austria, Association for Space Research, (STG-A)Detail
Unicorn-1SpaceBooth VOFDetail
PRECURSORSpectrum Aerospace Technologies UGDetail
ORBICRAFT-ZORKIY(RS15S)SPUTNIX Ltd. (sputnix.ru/en/)Detail
SRMSATSRM University IndiaDetail
SNAPSSSDL - Stanford UniversityDetail
WrenStaDoKo UGDetail
KatySat1Stanford Space Systems Development LaboratoryDetail
Sapling MagnificaStanford Student Space Initiative (SSI) Detail
Pleiades YearlingStanford Student Space Initiative (SSI) & Bronco SpaceDetail
Pleiades - Sapling GiganteumStanford Student Space Initiative (SSI) & Bronco SpaceDetail
Pleiades - Sapling SempervirensStanford Student Space Initiative (SSI) & Bronco SpaceDetail
Maya 3STeP UP University of the PhilippinesDetail
Maya 4STeP UP University of the PhilippinesDetail
Maya-5STeP-UP University of the PhilippinesDetail
Maya-6STeP-UP University of the PhilippinesDetail
STRaNDSurrey Space CentreDetail
TTU100Tallinn University of TechnologyDetail
TTU101Tallinn University of TechnologyDetail
ArtSat-1-InvaderTama Art UniversityDetail
Tancredo1Tancredo de Almeida NevesDetail
SerenityTeachers in Space IncDetail
DTUSat-2Technical University of DenmarkDetail
GRBAlphaTechnical University of KosiceDetail
VeronikaTechnical University of Kosice, Faculty of AeronauticsDetail
TUMnanoSATTechnical University of MoldovaDetail
TechnoSatTechnische Universität BerlinDetail
S-Net (a constellation of 4 sats)Technische Universität BerlinDetail
BEESAT-4Technische Universität BerlinDetail
BEESAT-5/6/7/8Technische Universität BerlinDetail
BIROSTechnische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin)Detail
SALSATTechnische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin)Detail
SOMP2bTechnische Universität Dresden,Detail
Move-IITechnische Universität MunchenDetail
Move-IIbTechnische Universitat MunchenDetail
AESP14Technological Institute of Aeronautics – ITADetail
ITASAT-1Technological Institute of Aeronautics – ITADetail
HA-1Teenagers Amateur Radio Center of Activity in Huaian Detail
AggisSat4Texas A&M UniversityDetail
e-kagaku-1The e-kagaku Association of Global Science and EducationDetail
GW-SatThe George Washington UniversityDetail
OSIRIS-3UThe Pennsylvania State UniversityDetail
Fox-1AThe Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT)Detail
RadFXSatThe Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT)Detail
Fox1-CThe Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT)Detail
Fox1-DThe Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT)Detail
JAISAT-1The Radio Amateur Society of Thailand Detail
WASEDA-SAT-ZEROThe Society for Ultralight Space Structure of Waseda UniversityDetail
DeorbitsailThe Surrey Space CentreDetail
CubeSAILThe Surrey Space CentreDetail
SME-SATThe Surrey Space CentreDetail
CatSatThe University of ArizonaDetail
APSS-1The University of Auckland, Faculty of EngineeringDetail
SPOCThe University of Georgia Small Satellite Research LaboratoryDetail
MiTEE-1AThe University of MichiganDetail
Paradigm/Bevo1The University of Texas at AustinDetail
RACEThe University of Texas at Austin; Texas Spacecraft LaboratoryDetail
Orbital Factory 2 (OF-2)The University of Texas at El PasoDetail
QB50p2The Von Karman Institute for Fluid DynamicsDetail
QB50p1/EO79The Von Karman Institute for Fluid DynamicsDetail
TJ3SatThomas Jefferson High SchoolDetail
TJREVERBThomas Jefferson High School for Science & TechnologyDetail
TCU-100Tokyo City UniversityDetail
CUTE-1.7+APDTokyo Institute of TechnologyDetail
OrigamiSat-1Tokyo Institute of TechnologyDetail
BEESAT-2TU BerlinDetail
BEESAT-3TU Berlin Detail
BEESAT-9TU BerlinDetail
Tubin/TubsatTU BerlinDetail
BAMA-1 & 2UA Space, The University of AlabamaDetail
AMICal SatUGA-CSUG France & SINP MSU & NILAKT RussiaDetail
Qubescout-S1UMBC Physics Dept-LACODetail
TIsat-1Uni of Applied Sciences of Southern SwitzerlandDetail
Black Knight-1United States Military AcademyDetail
Arksat-2Univeristy of ArkansasDetail
Painani-IIUniversidad del Ejerito y Fuerza AereaDetail
QUETZAL-1Universidad del Valle de GuatemalaDetail
UPMSat-2Universidad Politecnica de MadridDetail
Politech.1Universidad Politécnica de ValenciaDetail
AZTECHSAT-1Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de PueblaDetail
XatcobeoUniversidade de VigoDetail
ALMASATUniversita di BolognaDetail
3CAT-4Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaDetail
3CAT1Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Barcelona TECHDetail
3CAT2Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Barcelona TECHDetail
CELESTA Université de MontpellierDetail
Spaceant-DUniversiti Sains MalaysiaDetail
LinkSatUniversity at BuffaloDetail
EIRSAT-1University College DublinDetail
Burkinasat-1University Norbert Zongo de Koudougou Detail
ChargerSat-1University of Alabama in HuntsvilleDetail
Compass -1University of Applied Sciences Aachen GermanyDetail
SACREDUniversity of Arizona at TusconDetail
RinconUniversity of Arizona at TusconDetail
ARKSAT-1University of ArkansasDetail
ESEOUniversity of BolognaDetail
SerpensUniversity of BrasiliaDetail
ALFACRUXUniversity of BrasiliaDetail
AleasatUniversity of British ColumbiaDetail
GoliatUniversity of Bucharest Detail
CTS Sat1University of CalgaryDetail
Elfin-AUniversity of CaliforniaDetail
Elfin-BUniversity of CaliforniaDetail
UCISAT-1University of California -IrvineDetail
QubeSatUniversity of California, Berkeley Detail
REALOPUniversity of California, DavisDetail
Q-PACEUniversity of Central FloridaDetail
SurfSatUniversity of Central FloridaDetail
SUChAIUniversity of ChileDetail
MinXSSUniversity of ColoradoDetail
MinXSS-2University of ColoradoDetail
CTIMUniversity of ColoradoDetail
CUTEUniversity of ColoradoDetail
CIRBEUniversity of Colorado BoulderDetail
CHOMPTTUniversity of FloridaDetail
SwampSat IIUniversity of FloridaDetail
D3University of FloridaDetail
MOCIUniversity of GeorgiaDetail
MEMEsat-1University of Georgia Small Satellite Research LaboratoryDetail
Mea Huakai VoyagerUniversity of HawaiiDetail
Ho`oponopono-2University of Hawaii At ManoaDetail
Neutron-1University of Hawaii, Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory Detail
IONUniversity of IllinoisDetail
CubeSail-1University of IllinoisDetail
LAICE-1University of Illinois Detail
KUTESat-PathfinderUniversity of KansasDetail
KUbeSat1University of KansasDetail
SGSat:KySat-3University of KentuckyDetail
OUFTI-1University of LiègeDetail
Cape IIIUniversity of Louisiana at LafayetteDetail
Cape IV-GTOUniversity of Louisiana LafayetteDetail
MESAT-1University of MaineDetail
RAXUniversity of MichiganDetail
M-CubedUniversity of MichiganDetail
RAX-2University of MichiganDetail
GrifexUniversity of MichiganDetail
CADREUniversity of MichiganDetail
TBEXUniversity of MichiganDetail
DSM-BRACUniversity of MichiganDetail
MarioUniversity of MichiganDetail
MCubed-2University of Michigan, Department of Aerospace EngineeringDetail
MT-CUBE-2 (Robusta-1F)University of MontpellierDetail
1KUNS-PFUniversity of NairobiDetail
BLUEsatUniversity of New South WalesDetail
OpenOrbiter 1University of North DakotaDetail
SpudNik-1University of Prince Edward IslandDetail
QMsatUniversity of SherbrookeDetail
JAGSATUniversity of South AlabamaDetail
ARCE-1A/1B/1CUniversity of South Florida College of EngineeringDetail
AeneasUniversity of Southern CaliforniaDetail
MagentoUniversity of Southern California Informational Sciences InstituteDetail
UKube-1 with FUNcube-2University of Strathcylde & the UK Space AgencyDetail
Flying Laptop (FLP)University of StuttgartDetail
ESTCube-1University of Tartu, EstoniaDetail
Bevo-2University of Texas at Austin Satellite Design LaboratoryDetail
ArmadilloUniversity of Texas at Austin Satellite Design LaboratoryDetail
Fastrac-1University of Texas Satellite Design LabDetail
Fastrac-2University of Texas Satellite Design LabDetail
HERON MK IIUniversity of Toronto Aerospace Team Space Systems DivisionDetail
ITF-1/YUIUniversity of TsukubaDetail
ITF-2University of TsukubaDetail
Warp-1University of TsukubaDetail
ORCASatUniversity of VictoriaDetail
Humsat-DUniversity of VigoDetail
LUME-1University of VigoDetail
SOC-iUniversity of WashingtonDetail
VZLUSAT-2University of West Bohemia in PilsenDetail
UWE-4University of WuerzburgDetail
SONATE-2University of WuerzburgDetail
UWE-2University of Wuerzburg, Department of ComputerDetail
UWE-3University of Wuerzburg, Department of ComputerDetail
Falconsat 3US Air Force AcademyDetail
QIKCom-1US Naval AcademyDetail
Unix Space Server (USS) LangleyUS Naval AcademyDetail
BRICsatUS Naval AcademyDetail
QIKcom-2US Naval AcademyDetail
USNA-P1/BricSat-1US Naval AcademyDetail
PSAT-2US Naval AcademyDetail
HFSATUS Naval AcademyDetail
PSAT3US Naval AcademyDetail
ANDEUS Naval Academy Amateur Radio ClubDetail
P-Sat-A & P-Sat-BUS Naval Academy Amateur Radio Club Detail
RAFTUS Naval Academy ARCDetail
PCSAT2US Navy AcademyDetail
GASPACSUtah State University Get Away Special Team Detail
Venta-1Ventspils University CollegeDetail
Vermont Lunar CubeSatVermont Technical College Amateur Radio ClubDetail
PicoDragonVietnam National Satellite CenterDetail
Violet (2015)Violet Lab Cornell UniversityDetail
PW-SatWarsaw University of TechnologyDetail
PW-Sat2Warsaw University of TechnologyDetail
PW-Sat3Warsaw University of TechnologyDetail
Waseda.satWaseda UniversityDetail
Waseda-Sat3Waseda UniversityDetail
Irvine01Woodbridge High SchoolDetail
Irvine02Woodbridge High SchoolDetail
BLASTYale UniversityDetail
NetSatZentrum für Telematik e.V.Detail
Grizu-263AZonguldak Bülent Ecevit UniversityDetail

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