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FLORIPASAT-1 Updated: 19 Dec 2019   Responsible Operator Mauricio Sinigaglia PP5BMS
Supporting Organisation Federal University of Santa Catarina  
Contact Person mauricio.sinigaglia@gmail.com.nospam  
Headline Details: A 1U CubeSat. The FloripaSat project consists of an initiative of students at Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil to get hands on experience with the development and operation of a cubesat. The project is part of the Brazilian Space Program, UNIESPAÇO, sponsored by the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB). FloripaSat is an 1U cubesat whose main objective is to engage the students in a full space mission — developing all the subsystems of a nanosatellite and developing a ground station to operate it. Floripasat will have the following missions: 1. An educational mission where students can design, operate (With assistance of authorized radio amateur members) the satellite and observe the behavior and performance of the cubesat system in space environment as well as learn about radio communications, digital communications, radio electronics, antennas, digital communications, radio amateur activity and spirit of development and innovation. The member of the development team have the opportunity and the insentivation to become radio amateurs. The project and implementation of the ground station will be a great experience in the telecommunications field. This mission include the test of thwo payloads: PAYLOAD-RUSH a prototype developed by UNSW(Australia), designed to validate a new approach to reconfiguring single event upsets due to solar radiation in reconfigurable logic circuits. And PAYLOAD-X develop by ourselves in partnership with NanoXplore to test their resistant to radiation FPGA on space. 2. An amateur radio mission where the satellite functions as a digital repeater where digital frames can be relayed by the satellite. This specific satellite function can be enabled and disabled according to the need to use the satellite for mission 1. This second function of floripasat will extend the utility of satellite while it being operational. And give the oportunity for radioamateurs to use the satellite for comunication. In both missions the amateur community will be able to receive ether the beacon signal and the main telemetry signal in the dawn link frequency. Proposing downlinks on VHF and UHF with 1k2 and 2k4 GFSK. Planning a sun syncronous low earth orbit. More information at http://floripasat.space/ **A redundant beacon and telemetry downlink on 145.900 MHz and digipeater uplink/downlink and telemetry on 436.100 MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 27 Sep 2018   Freq coordination completed on 23 Oct 2018

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