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Killick-1 Updated: 18 Sep 2020   Responsible Operator Christopher Hardy VA3NF
Supporting Organisation C-CORE and Memorial University of Newfoundland  
Contact Person chris.hardy@c-core.ca.nospam  
Headline Details: The Killick-1 CubeSat project is a joint effort between Memorial University and C-CORE to promote education and training in space systems and telecommunications. Killick-1 is a 2U satellite funded through the Canadian CubeSat Project (CCP). The primary objective of Killick is centered on the training of high-quality personnel with professional skills in space science and technology, and inspiring young students to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programs with a focus on space. As a part of this project, many individuals involved with the project will obtain their amateur certificates and operate the spacecraft. The project will establish a fully operational ground station at Memorial University that can support amateur UHF communications. The ground station is being designed and built by students from commercial off the shelf components. The students involved in the ground station design will become certified amateur radio operators and will run the ground station under the mentorship of local amateur radio hobbyists. Memorial University also intends to host several amateur radio training sessions, in cooperation with the local IEEE Branch, to ensure there are a sufficient number of amateur radio operators to run Killick-1 ground station operations through its designed operational life. Nobody will receive remuneration for the operation of the satellite. Amateur data received from the spacecraft will be published on the mission website in the future. Memorial University will also make this ground station available to other amateur radio satellites inside and outside Canada. The secondary goal is to conduct scientific and technological experiments in space by the low-cost and quick-turn-around CubeSat platform. The technological experiments concerns the use of GNSS signals to measure ocean parameters, otherwise known as GNSS Reflectometry. This scientific payload is considered to be an achievable project for students over the time period of the CCP project. All data analysis will be conducted by students primarily for the purpose of training of high-quality personnel with professional skills in space science and technology. Technical details of the satellite design are contained within this design document that has been prepared by the Killick-1 student team. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S2YhdLkKI7se5dXAAnIQ90FKlZsAHMmU/view?usp=sharing Proposing a UHF downlink using 19k2 2GFSK AX25 packets. Planning a NanoRacks deployment Q3 2022 More info at http://www.engr.mun.ca/~killick1/ **A downlink on 437.230 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 20 Jul 2020   Freq coordination completed on 14 Sep 2020

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