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Egycubesat-1 Updated: 09 Apr 2012   Responsible Operator Amal Zaki - Amateur callsign not provided
Supporting Organisation National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences  
Contact Person amal@narss.sci.eg.nospam  
Headline Details: Egycubesat-1 is a remote sensing satellite. It is a single 1U cubesat.It is to take snapshots for Egypt territories with GDS 100 meter. It is planned to have a mission life of up to one year. The group has reqeusted a 437.365MHz frequency for downlinks with MSK modulation. More information is given atwww.narss.sci.eg/egycubesat1 ** An interim coordinated frequency of 437.505MHZ has been provided**
Application Date: 17 Jan 2012   Freq coordination completed on 09 Apr 2012

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