IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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SpinSat Updated: 30 Apr 2014   Responsible Operator Martin Rothwell KJ4WKF
Supporting Organisation Chantilly Academy  
Contact Person marothwell@fcps.edu  
Headline Details: Comprises a 19 inch diameter sphere, with a mass of 55 Kg and 4 antennas equal distance around the equator. Intended to be a tumbling satellite with single axis momentum wheel and multiple micro-thrusters. Experiment to test new technology micro-thrusters and teach high school students about satellite operations. Secondary mission is a 9k6 GFSK UHF store and forward AX.25 packet system with 2 watts of RF output. Planned for a July 2013 launch from Kennedy Space Centre into a 330km 51.6 degree inclination orbit **A downlink freqeuncy of 437.230MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 21 Nov 2012   Freq coordination completed on 26 Nov 2012

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