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Swampsat (was Gatorsat) Updated: 10 May 2013   Responsible Operator Jay Garlitz AA4FL
Supporting Organisation Gator Amateur Radio Club @ the Univ of Florida  
Contact Person jgarlitz@ufl.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: A 100mm cubesat project. SwampSat’s primary objective is to demonstrate a compact three-axis attitude control system to demonstrate rapid retargeting and precision pointing (R2P2) capabilities for pico- and- nano satellites. Once SwampSat is deployed from its P-POD, the deployment switch will be activated and 30 minutes will elapse before SwampSat becomes active as in accordance to the launch provider’s guidelines. An operational flow chart is available upon request. 1k2 AX25 packet downlink on 437.385MHz with1 watt of RF is planned. ** A co-ordinated downlink frequency of 437.385MHz has been provided** A February 2011 launch from the United States using a Falcon 1e into a 45 deg 450km orbit is planned. More info from www.gatorradio.org and www.ufsmallsat.com
Application Date: 23 Dec 2006   Freq coordination completed on 07 May 2013

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