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IDEASSat Updated: 22 Jan 2020   Responsible Operator Loren Chang BM2NNF
Supporting Organisation Graduate Institute of Space Science National Central University  
Contact Person loren@ncu.edu.tw.nospam  
Headline Details: IDEASSat is a science mission dedicated to measuring the structure and variability of ionospheric plasma and plasma irregularities. The science payload is the Compact Ionospheric Probe (CIP), an all in one plasma sensor with heritage from the Advanced Ionospheric Probe (AIP) aboard FORMOSAT-5. Ionospheric plasma density controls the refraction of high frequency (HF) radio signals, while plasma irregularities can cause scintillation and disruption of satellite navigation or communications signals. Both of these subjects are of direct interest to the amateur radio community, which has also been instrumental in providing tracking and beacon reception support for similar university small satellites. IDEASSat will routinely beacon housekeeping and tracking data, while the science data from CIP will be downlinked over ground stations at participating universities in Taiwan and the USA. The science data will be freely available online. As a university CubeSat mission, IDEASSat will involve extensive student involvement in design, testing, and operations. The core team involves 20+ students and faculty at National Central University in Taiwan, with additional collaboration with international partners via the International Satellite Program in Research and Education (INSPIRE) consortium. Students will also be extensively involved in scientific data analysis from this mission, and will gain hands on experience in understanding ionospheric physics and its impact on terrestrial and satellite radio communications. Proposing a UHF GMSK 9k6 downlink. Planning a sun synchronous 500km orbit. More info from http://www.ss.ncu.edu.tw/~ssoffice/ **Downlinks on 437.345 MHz and 2420.000 MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 20 Aug 2018   Freq coordination completed on 22 Jan 2020

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