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Xatcobeo Updated: 02 Jan 2012   Responsible Operator Fernando Aguado EA1IGX
Supporting Organisation Universidade de Vigo  
Contact Person faguado@xatcobeo.com.nospam  
Headline Details: This cubesat is included on the manifest for the Vega maiden flight launch in late 2009.The space station will carry out three experiments in three different payloads: - SRAD: a radio software to be reconfigured on-flight.The aim of this radio is to test in space conditions a reconfigurable radio, so that different modulation schemes can be selected depending on the link conditions. This radio will use its own RF module to transmit, and will receive commands through the spacecraft radio. - RDS: an ionizing radiation dosimeter. This dosimeter will take measures of ionizing radiation in a typical LEO orbit for amateur satellites, thus increasing our knwoledge about radiation conditions in this environment. - PDM: a panel deployment mechanism for cubesats to be tested on-flight. This system is a test for a panel deployment mechanism, so that CubeSATs are able to acquire more power and relax the power constraint inherent to this satellites. Planning to use FFSK with AX.25 on UHF. ** Simplex 437.365MHz and SSR downlink on 145.940MHz have been co-ordinated** Further info available at www.xatcobeo.com
Application Date: 13 Nov 2008   Freq coordination completed on 01 Jan 2009

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