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ESTCube-1 Updated: 15 Mar 2013   Responsible Operator Tõnis Eenmäe ES5TF
Supporting Organisation University of Tartu, Estonia  
Contact Person es5ec@estcube.eu.nospam  
Headline Details: A proposal for a single cubesat mission to low earth orbit in 2012. No launch opportunity has been confirmed. Multiple UHF downlink possibilities as proposed with a VHF telecommand uplink. The objectives of the ESTCube-1 mission are: • To design, launch a nano-satellite conforming to Cubesat Design Specification with all the required ground support equipment and to operate the satellite in space. • To acquire images of Estonia from the selected orbit for outreach purposes. • To deploy and confirm the deployment of a 10 meter conductive Hoytether as a part of the development work of the Electric solar wind sail. • To measure the electric sail force, interacting with the tether. Coordination of the frequencies of 437.250MHz for a CW beacon, 437.505 for primary downlink and 2401.250MHz for a secondary downlink has been completed. ** Latest news from the group @ 15/03/2013 "At the moment, our satellite will send 9600 bps AX.25 telemetry on 437,505 MHz. Specific format is AX.25 UI frames with random length (up to 255 byte payload). The callsign will be ES5E-11.Telegraphy beacon is sending on 437,250 MHz. The CW callsign is ES5E/S - The 2.4GHz down-link has not been implemented. The official launch date of ESTCube-1 is 19.04.2013, the satellite will be on top of the Vega launcher. More info from http://www.estcube.eu **
Application Date: 02 Apr 2010   Freq coordination completed on 18 Jun 2010

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