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DAVE/CP7 Updated: 11 Aug 2016   Responsible Operator Justin Foley KI6EPH
Supporting Organisation Cal Poly  
Contact Person jfoley@calpoly.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: The DAVE mission implements a payload to evaluate a mechanical damping technology in microgravity. This technology, called particle damping, exploits the dynamics of multiple constrained particles to dissipate vibration energy. Terrestrial applications demonstrate particle damping performance to be largely unaffected by extreme environments yet simple and cheap to implement. This feature set makes particle damping an attractive technology for applications in spacecraft, where dampers are needed to steady sensitive instrumentation and inhibit destructive structural resonant modes. In orbit, DAVE provides a low cost and low risk platform to acquire data to characterize unknown particle damper microgravity behavior. Simultaneously, the mission achieves flight heritage for particle damper technology. The completion of these objectives overcomes barriers currently inhibiting the employment of particle dampers in space. Proposing a 9k6 AX25 FSK downlink on UHF with a CW preamble. Planning a March 2017 launch together with RadFXSat and EagleSat into 810/400km polar orbit. **A downlink on 437.150 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 06 Aug 2016   Freq coordination completed on 11 Aug 2016

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