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ArtSat-2 - Despatch Updated: 11 Jul 2014   Responsible Operator Akihiro Kubota JQ1ZKL
Supporting Organisation Department of Information Design, Tama Art University  
Contact Person kubotaa@tamabi.ac.jp.nospam  
Headline Details: The spacecraft called DESPATCH is developed by the collaboration of Tama Art University and The University of Tokyo.Firstly, DESPATCH is a artwork which is called “deep-space sculpture”. It is going to be injected to an earth escape orbit. The helix-like sculptural part is made by 3D printer. Another important mission of our spacecraft is to experiment the possibilities of receiving very weak signal from deep space by "cooperative diversity communication" approach. We are going to ask for help from amateur radio communities around the world. The mission control center at Tama Art University gather their fragmented receiving data. We will recombine them using time stamp of the data and restore the original text from DESPATCH. Proposing that the spacecraft continuously transmit a 7 watt CW beacon on 437.325MHz for 1 week after launch using simple primary battery cells. Our challenge is to receive the signal from DESPATCH beyond 770,000 km from Earth (the twice of the distance between Earth and Moon. A 30 kg spacecraft planned for launch to an earth escape velocity from Tanegashima Japan. More info at http://artsat.jp/despatch ** A downlink of 437.325 Mhz has been co-ordinated**
Application Date: 31 Mar 2014   Freq coordination completed on 11 Jul 2014

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