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GRBBeta Updated: 25 Mar 2024   Responsible Operator Andras Pal HG4NDR
Supporting Organisation Konkoly Observatory, Research Centre for Astronomy & Earth Sciences,  
Contact Person apal@szofi.net.nospam  
Headline Details: The 2U-sized GRBBeta nanosatellite, having dimensions of 100 x 100 x 227mm and a mass around 2.5kg provides packet radio services in the VHF and UHF amateur bands as well as an experimental Sband downlink module. In addition, GRBBeta contains experimental payloads, including an upgraded version of the gamma-ray detector subsystem and attitude determination and control systems along with technologies allowing onboard firmware upgrade (that also have flight heritage on GRBAlpha). This latter feature also allows both the fine-tuning and the complete upgrade of the radio FEC parameters on the fly. Onboard telemetry systems are aided with experimental features for forward error correction (FEC) algorithms while maintaining both backwardand forward-compatible with existing GFSK G3RUH/NRZI/HDLC AX.25/FX.25 framing radio systems by injecting non-stuffed encoding atop HDLC framing in order to have a space for deterministic frame sizes optimal for Golay/Hadamard/RS/Viterbi/RA encodings. Such features enable the extensions for communication coverage (focusing on the otherwise frequent very low passes of a few degrees in elevation) for amateur radio services, telemetry reception and the reception of triggering events of the onboard scientific measurements with the help of the radio amateur community. Amateur radio services are also exploited in the scientific research of gamma-ray bursts, allowing a nearly instantaneous - having a few minutes or tens of minutes latency - reception of triggered astrophysical events via both individual receivers as well as networks like SatNOGS. proposing VHF and UHF downlinks using 9600 baud, GMSK G3RUH+NRZI+HDLC framing, AX.25 payload, optional FX.25 FEC144-146MHz: 9600 baud, GMSK G3RUH+NRZI+HDLC framing, AX.25 payload, optional FX.25 FEC. Also an S Band downlink using 100kbaud up to 2Mbaud, GMSK, Repeat & Aaccumulate code, RA(252,126) frames by default, FEC rate adjustable during flight. Planning an ESA launch from Kourou in Q3 2024 into a 62 degree 580 km orbit. ISTSAT is also on the manifest. More info https://grbbeta.konkoly.hu **More information has been requested** **Coordination ahs been provided for the following downlinks on 145.935 MHz, 436.785 MHz and 2405.000 MHz**
Application Date: 13 Feb 2024   Freq coordination completed on 25 Mar 2024

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