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Clark Sat-1 Updated: 28 Feb 2022   Responsible Operator Kota Azusawa JS1YIZ
Supporting Organisation CLARK NEXT TOKYO High School  
Contact Person clark.js1yiz@gmail.com.nospam  
Headline Details: Clark sat-1 is a 1U size satellite, and about 22 students of Clark Memorial International High School having amateur radio qualification or intending to obtain it will be engaged in the development of the satellite, and operate it by using the amateur radio band. **A downlink on 435.130 MHz has been coordinated** 1. Optical Camera Mission To take pictures of the Earth and downlink them in 430 MHz band (GMSK, 4,800 bps). The pictures are to be received at control station and general amateur stations are also expected to receive them and report to us as the downlink schedule will be published on our website and social media. 2. Digi-talker Mission 40 to 120 seconds long Digi-talker signal (Voice or SSTV pictures in Robot 36 format recorded before launch) including the call sign and school name will be transmitted from the satellite and be expected that the general amateur stations will receive the signal and report back to us. High school students with amateur radio license will be engaged in the development of the satellite, and high school students will operate the satellite. These activities will improve the amateur radio and satellite communication skills of the students. The project will also serve as a model case for the development of amateur satellites by the younger generation, and stimulate the interest of the younger generation in amateur radio and satellite communications. The satellite information, such as orbital position and operation time, will be actively disseminated to the world through the website and social media, so that radio amateurs all over the world will have an opportunity to receive image data and digi-talker signals transmitted from the satellite. Proposing a UHF downlink with 4k8 AX25 GMSK telemetry and mission data, plus CW beacon or NBFM digitalker. |Tentatively planning a launch from Tanegashima Space Center to the ISS in Q1 2023. More info at https://sp.clark.ed.jp/space/
Application Date: 08 Feb 2022   Freq coordination completed on 28 Feb 2022

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