IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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Ralphie & Sparkie Updated: 04 Dec 2009   Responsible Operator Jennifer Michels, Ryan Olds, Stephan Esterhuizen KC0NRD, KC0NSX, KC0GCQ
Supporting Organisation New Mexico State University Amateur Radio Club  
Contact Person Stephen Horan AC5RI shoran@nmsu.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: Launch is presently scheduled for Nov 18, 2004 as part of the Boeing Delta 4 Heavy Lift Launch demonstration for the USAF from Cape Canaveral. Intended orbit approx 100x135 nautical mile orbit with 28 deg inclination and 88.8 min period. Anticipated 1 or 2 week life before re-entry. Two satellites will be ejected before GTO burn. Inter-Satellite Communications Experiment: 437.5 MHz. This is to conduct a technical investigation to demonstrate packet radio for inter-satellite links among satellites.
Application Date: 15 Feb 2004   Freq coordination completed on 22 Apr 2004

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