IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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AAUSAT-4 Updated: 01 Apr 2016   Responsible Operator Jens Frederick Dalsgaard OZ2JDN
Supporting Organisation Aalborg University  
Contact Person jdn@es.aau.dk.nospam  
Headline Details: AAUSAT4 is a 1 unit cubesat. Primary mission is to receive AIS beacons from ships around Greenland, which is transmitted on 162MHz. The AIS receiver payload is based on SDR principles Requesting to use the same frequencies as AAUSAT-3. Expecting to launch with Consat-1, E-St@r-II, OUFTI-1, Politech-1, Robusta-1B see See http://space.aau.dk/aausat4/radioamateurs **437.425MHz has been coordinated for up and downlinks** ** Expected launch now 22. April 2016 Location: Guiana Space Centre Orbit:98.2degrees inclination 453/644 km** With Estar-2 and Oufti-1**
Application Date: 29 Jan 2014   Freq coordination completed on 11 Jul 2014

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