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Heimdallr Updated: 27 Sep 2016   Responsible Operator Howard DeFelice AB2S
Supporting Organisation AMSAT-NA  
Contact Person ab2s@amsat.org.nospam  
Headline Details: A 6U cubesat with approx 8 Kg mass. 3 axis stabilized with cold gas thruster for inertia dump. Star tracker for navigation. Electric propulsion for obtaining lunar orbit. Combination of omni and directional patch antennas on one side of spacecraft. Deployable, gimbled solar panels produce up to 100 watts of DC power. Will provide communications, telemetry, tracking and control for the first planetary (lunar orbit) cubesat. First part of mission is to provide TT&C to obtain lunar orbit. Second part of mission is to perform data downlink experiment. Final part is to provide a two way regenerative repeater and analog repeater in lunar orbit for lifetime of satellite.Proposing downlinks as described: Omni transponder: 10.451 GHz +/- .5 MHz. Directional transponder: 10.4575 GHz. +/- 3.5 MHz. Analog transponder: 10.4665 GHz. +/- 2 MHz. using TT&C 300 bps BPSK 1/2rate viterbi Ranging 1.5 Mbps BPSK DSSS Second part of mission 4.5 Mbps QPSK ½ rate DVB-S2 Final part of mission 25 Kbps BPSK 1/5 rate DVB-S2 with uplinks on Omni transponder: 5.651 GHz +/- .5 MHz. Directional transponder: 5.6575 GHz. +/- 3.5 MHz. Analog transponder: 5.665 GHz. +/- 2 MHz. A link budget is available here https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3u-mSOWBMISYnZyZGJpeThKeU0&usp=sharing and it is anticipated that a 1 or 2 metre dish will be required using the AMSAT designed ground station equipment. Planning a launch in Sept 2018 from Kennedy Space Center into a lunar orbit. ** Coordination has been provided for the following downlinks - omnidirectional transponder: 10.45100 GHz; for the directional transponder: 10.45750 GHz; for the analog transponder: 10.46650 GHz; and for the following uplinks the omnidirectional transponder: 5.65100 GHz; for the directional transponder: 5.65750 GHz and for the analog transponder: 5.66500 GHz**
Application Date: 07 Sep 2016   Freq coordination completed on 27 Sep 2016

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