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YPSat Updated: 21 Apr 2023   Responsible Operator Felix Paez Pavon EA4GQS
Supporting Organisation AMSAT-EA & ESA-ESTEC  
Contact Person felix.paez at amsat-ea dot org  
Headline Details: ESA, in close collaboration with Ariane Group and Arianespace, has selected payloads which best fit the profile of the first mission of its new generation Ariane 6 launch vehicle from Europe?s Spaceport in French Guiana. One of these payloads is YPSat that will also have attached the GENESIS-A module. The ESA Young Professionals Satellite (ESA YPSat) is a proposed payload, being developed by a team of Young Professionals across various ESA sites for the maiden flight of Ariane 6. YPSat is an project that aims to provide hand-on experience on a complete space project to young professionals. Neither YPSat or GENESIS-A will be deployed. They will remain attached to the upper stage of ARIANE-6, deorbiting with it. Expected mission lifetime will be 4-5 hours.YPSat will offer DATV DVB-S2 video covering the fairing separation, CubeSat deployment and in orbit images. YPSat will transmit also telemetry from a novel magnetometer provided by OSCAR Qube team. GENESIS-A module will offer live SSTV images, telemetry and messages in FSK and FT8 modes. Proposing SSTV, FT8 and FSK downlinks on VHF and DVB-S2 on S Band. Planning a launch from Kourou in 2023 **Downlinks have been coordinated as follows: FT8 downlink 144.174 MHz, SSTV downlink 144.550 MHz and DATV downlink 2440.000 MHz**
Application Date: 06 Sep 2022   Freq coordination completed on 21 Apr 2023

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