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JY1SAT Updated: 09 Jun 2017   Responsible Operator Rafiq Farmawi JY4CI
Supporting Organisation Royal Jordanian Radio Amateur Society  
Contact Person jy4cia@gmail.com.nospam  
Headline Details: JY1SAT is an educational 1U CubeSat project with the goal of providing an actual space project for Jordanian University students. Additionally it is intended to enthuse and educate young people about radio, space, physics and electronics. The spacecraft will only require simple groundstation antennas and an SDR dongle receiver. This will make it uncomplicated for schools and colleges to use with their students. It is anticipated JY1SAT will be launched into a Sun Synchronous Low Earth Orbit about 450-600km. In such an orbit the satellite passes over Jordan at least twice a day. The student team will develop and operate a special groundstation for this spacecraft. As well as having the usual BPSK telemetry, JYISAT will be able transmit pre-stored images of the Kingdom which will be selected by national competition. These images will be downlinked using a novel digital format based upon the existing SSDV system. It will additionally carry a UHF to VHF linear transponder that will have up to 0.5watt output and which can be used by Radio Amateurs worldwide for SSB and CW communications. Requesting a tlm downlink on 145.840 MHz and transponder downlink passband on 145.855-145.875 MHz with an inverting uplink on 435.100 – 435.120 MHz. Planning a launch in Q1 2018 from Vandenberg on SpaceX flight. **The above frequencies have been coordinated**
Application Date: 15 May 2107   Freq coordination completed on 09 Jun 2017

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