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Masat-1 Updated: 15 Oct 2011   Responsible Operator Levente Dudas HA5MASAT
Supporting Organisation Budapest University of Technology and Economics,  
Contact Person dudas@mht.bme.hu.nospam  
Headline Details: A cubesat proposal that intends to perform the following technological experiments:  Test a new Electrical Power System  Test a new Maximum Power Point Tracker  Test Lithium-Ion Polymer batteries  Test a new single-chip Communication System  Test a packet telemetry and telecommand concept based on ESA PUS v1  Test an on-board data handling system based on a single board computer using digital signal processor  Test a semi-active magnetic stabilization based on magnetic torques  Monitor the attitude of the CubeSat using: o 3-Axis gyroscope sensors, o 3-Axis magnetometers o 3-Axis accelerometers o Sun sensors, made of IR detectors Proposes a simplex UHF system with a CW beacon ** 437.345MHz is the coordinated downlink frequency ** Now planning to launch on VEGA maiden flight Q1 2012** This frequency was planned for use by the Unicubesat cubesat. The Unicubesat team have kindly agreed to change their frequency to 437.305MHz
Application Date: 25 Sep 2008   Freq coordination completed on 20 Apr 2009

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