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PTecSat Updated: 28 Apr 2014   Responsible Operator Joshua Fogel
Supporting Organisation -Info not provided-  
Contact Person joshuafo@usc.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: 3U CubeSat with 2 payload objectives: 1. Track cargo shipping containers using a custom built deployable dish antenna (iTAG MATTS) 2. Demonstrate electrical component radiation shielding techniques using tantalum foil. Proposing a "Stensat" beacon on UHF , a Microhard TX on UHF and a ItagMATTS downlink on 2425MHz. Planning a launch from Vandenberg AFB into a 800x500km 67 degree orbit. May be sharing a launch with Fox-1, BisonSat, ARC1, CADRE, LightSail -A, R2S, PSAT, BricSAT,USS Langley in December 2014 ** A downlink frequency of 436.00MHz has been coordinated for the AFSK beacon. 437.00-427.200MHz for the spread spectrum transmissions over the main ground station on a non intereference basis and 2425MHz for the iTag device**
Application Date: 07 Feb 2014   Freq coordination completed on 28 Apr 2014

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