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Binar 2,3,4,5,6 &7 Updated: 08 Jun 2022   Responsible Operator Daniel-Cristan Busan
Supporting Organisation Space Science and Technology Centre, Curtin University  
Contact Person VK6BUS d.busan@curtin.edu.au.nospam  
Headline Details: A series of 1U CubeSats which will include - UHF radio link for student activities and experiments. Operation of student payloads will take place from high schools with ground stations built by students. Schools will be encouraged to constantly operate a downlink only station and (with support from a licensed amateur) uplink from their station or from the university ground station. The Binar team will support students who pursue an amateur license and start clubs at their schools. - Student payloads. (e.g. star tracking camera (undergrad) and BinarX (highschool)) These payloads will be developed by students and operation of the payload will be conducted by students over the amateur link. - Packet store and forward for general amateur engagement. Activities using this functionality (e.g. a capture the flag style event) will be organised for concentrated engagement effort (and for fun). - Amateur beacon to engage amateurs (primarily via SatNOGS). The beacon will include basic satellite health data that amateurs can decode and report online. - Experimental format transmissions in pursuit of efficient data packing. Scientific and Technical Research (Scientific Radio Licence): - Spacecraft electronic hardware. (i.e. the Binar bus) - Materials space properties. (e.g. Radiation blocking experiment) - Space operations. (e.g. onboard simulation) For more information see Binar-234 and Binar- 567 Mission Description at the following link: https://www.binarspace.com/binar-234-567- missions/ Proposing UHF downlinks for Beacon and Telemetry: OQPSK for 100 and 38.4kbps GFSK for 19.2, 9.6 and 1.2 kbps Intermittent CW. Planning deployments from the ISS in the Q1 2023 for Binar 2,3 and 4 and Q3 2023 for Binar 5,6 and 7. **Downlinks have been co-ordinated 437.700 MHz for BINAR 2, 437.850 MHz for BINAR 3, 437.925 MHz for BINAR 4, 437.750 MHz for BINAR 5, 437.850 MHz for BINAR 6, 437.725 MHz for BINAR 7**
Application Date: 22 Apr 2022   Freq coordination completed on 08 Jun 2022

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