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PyCubed-1 Updated: 07 Oct 2020   Responsible Operator Zachary Manchester KD2BHC
Supporting Organisation Carnegie Mellon University  
Contact Person zacm@cmu.edu.no spam  
Headline Details: A 1P PocketQube. PyCubed-1 is a student-built educational mission that will test a novel 3-axis attitude control system based on magnetic torque coils. In addition, it will test new low- power LoRa radios in low-Earth orbit, which will be of interest to many other amateur small satellite operators. PyCubed-1 was conceived as a student capstone project and built by a group of approximately 25 senior undergraduate students and four graduate students over the course of the 2019-2020 academic year. The mission operations includes several students who are active HAMs. PyCubed-1 is a student-driven amateur educational mission in the spirit of the amateur satellite service. The low-cost satellite hardware and novel attitude control method that the mission will demonstrate will be of great value to future low-cost amateur missions. Several of the students involved in the project are active HAMs. We will also perform recruiting and outreach on campus to encourage more students to obtain amateur radio licenses during the 2020-2021 academic year as part of the project. The broader amateur radio community will be involved in the mission via the project website and twitter. Proposing a 3kbps UHF downlink. Packets are standard LoRa format and are compatible with the RadioHead library. Planning a SpaceX launch from KSC into a 550 km SSO in December 2020 together with LibertyQube-1, Grizu-263a, Hades, TRSI-2, EASAT-2, Tartan Artibeus, Sattla. More info at pycubed.org ** A downlink on 437.290 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 30 Aug 2020   Freq coordination completed on 07 Oct 2020

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