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Venta-1 Updated: 30 Sep 2016   Responsible Operator Aigars Krauze YL1VA
Supporting Organisation Ventspils University College  
Contact Person aigars.krauze@venta.lv.nospam  
Headline Details: The goal of Venta-1 satellite is to provide a flying testbed as a counterpart of the new satellite technology laboratory at the Ventspils University College. This satellite is built in cooperation with the University of Applied Science in Bremen, Germany and will carry out the following experiments or parts of the mission: a) The advanced technology AIS (maritime Automatic Identification System) receivers in order to get AIS data from space and to study the AIS signal reception in LEO; b) Intersatellite link experimental systems for the two way, near real time, permanent communication via Orbcomm and Iridium LEO based satellite systems; c) Plug-and-play electronics unit with new data handling systems, sensors and beacon to a geostationary satellite system; d) Small onboard camera with advanced optics for low resolution earth monitoring. For the telemetry and telecommanding needs the satellite will have a HAM ground station in Ventspils, Latvia. The AIS data will be downloaded via a dedicated S-band link, where the frequency coordination is in progress as for a scientific earth observation or communication satellite via ITU. The Orbcomm links provide the spacecraft safe mode communication possibilities and are based on previously flown Rubin missions by the University of Applied Sciences and OHB-Systems AG company in Bremen, Germany The spacecraft is a 275x275x100mm cube with a 500x400mm solar panel on top. The mass will be around 9 kg.Planning a UHF downlink. **Expected to launch with MaxValier into a 817km sun synchronous orbit with 10:30 LTAN** ** A Downlink of 437.325MHz has been coordinated** ** Launch date now expected to be November 2016**
Application Date: 29 Jan 2014   Freq coordination completed on 09 Jun 2014

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