IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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XW-1 Updated: 18 Dec 2009   Responsible Operator Alan Kung BA1DU
Supporting Organisation CAMSAT  
Contact Person ba1du@amsat.org  
Headline Details: A micro-satellite for amateur radio purposes is planned. Payload includes Telemetry Beacon, Linear Transponder, FM repeater, Digital Store-forward Transponder. The operations will all have 70cms downlinks and 2 metre uplinks. 1 watt output is planned for the transponder and 200mW for the beacon. The satellite is expected to have a mass of 50kgs and be launched from China into a 100 deg inclination orbit with 1200km apogee. Launched 15th December 2009.
Application Date: 18 May 2009   Freq coordination completed on 01 May 2009

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