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CroCube Updated: 30 Nov 2023   Responsible Operator Zeliko Ulip 9A2EY
Supporting Organisation Društvo EVO (Society for Out-of-Frame Education)  
Contact Person  
Headline Details: CroCube is a 1U CubeSat mission to support the Croatian, but also worldwide amateur radio community with many HAM services and activities. The satellite is scheduled to launch aboard Falcon 9 launcher on the Transporter 10 mission in February 2024. The planned orbit will be SSO/510km. The mission’s goal is also to facilitate the technological development of Croatia, create an advanced society focused on prosperity and innovation, and increase participation in the global space sector. Also, drive Croatia into the space era, increase interest in astronomy and space projects, and develop STEM and tech entrepreneurship, create a platform for founding a space center in Croatia, increase investments and employment in robotics, technology and ICT and finally reduce unemployment and prevent brain drain. The CroCube satellite is designed for HAM radio activities. Main purpose is to provide services for radio amateurs in Croatia and worldwide, and also for students of technical universities to get hands-on experience with satellite communication and get radioamateur licences. One of the project goals is to popularize HAM activities across the common population, students and children in Croatia. CroCube will provide these HAM services: - AX.25 telemetry - CW beacon - Digipeater - Anniversary/special occasions AX.25 & CW messages for community engagement - Experimental SSDV transmissions - SATNOGS integration, decoder, dashboard Proposing a UHF downlink using 9k6 G3RUH GFSK with AX25 telemetry. Planning an Exolaunch deployment from SpaceX Transporter 10 mission in Q2024 into a 510 km SSO. More info at https://drustvo-evo.hr/ **A downlink on 436.775 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 25 Oct 2023   Freq coordination completed on 30 Nov 2023

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