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RECONSO Updated: 22 Mar 2019   Responsible Operator Philip Szot KN4LYO
Supporting Organisation Georgia Institute of Technology  
Contact Person phillipszot@gatech.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: The RECONSO mission is designed to demonstrate visual detection and tracking of space debris from a small Cubesat platform. The spacecraft has been designed, fabricated and tested by a team of Georgia Tech undergraduate and graduate students who will also be responsible for mission operations. Photographs of the sky regions of interest will be acquired during the sunlight portion of the orbit. Onboard processing will occur during the eclipse periods. Image processing will detect moving objects in the acquired series of images and assign orbital parameters to the detected objects. Downlinked data will be the estimated orbital elements for the debris, not raw images. RECONSO contains no propulsion system, and is pointed using a 3 -­ axis magnetorquer system. Proposing a UHF downlink using either 9k6, 19k2 or 38k4 downlink with G3RUH FSK modulation. Planning a launch from Kennedy Space Center. **Coordination for this project was declined** Planning a March 2019 launch into a 500x800km 75 degree orbitfrom KSC with Lightsail B , Armadillo and others ** A revised application has been received** ** A downlink on 437.325 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 15 Jun 2018   Freq coordination completed on 17 Mar 2019

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