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GOMX-3 Updated: 19 Jan 2015   Responsible Operator Karl Klaus Laursen OZ2KK
Supporting Organisation GomSpace Aps  
Contact Person karl@gomspace.com.nospam  
Headline Details: GOMX-3 is part of the outreach programme for the visit of the Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen, to the ISS. The project is supported and coordinated with ESA and the Danish Ministry of Science and Education. A number of outreach activities are being planned that will involve schools, radio amateur societies and social media both during the astronaut mission and continuing with the CubeSat mission. More detail will be made available in Q1 2015 and the outreach programme is being developed by the House of Natural Sciences http://nvhus.dk/house-of-natural-sceinces.aspx on behalf of the Ministry. GOMX-3 is a 3U Cubesat which will be launched to the ISS ahead of the Danish astronaut in early Sept 2015. The mission and its payloads will be used for story telling and teaching. It will include an ADS-B receiver, magnetometer data, solar cells and green energy and radio operation. An experimental X Band transmitter plus an SDR receiver will also be carried. Planning a UHF downlink on 437.250MHz with 1k2-9k6 GMSK data from a NanoCom AX100 using CSP protocol.** A downlink on 437.250MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 15 Dec 2014   Freq coordination completed on 19 Jan 2015

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