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MIR-SAT1 Updated: 13 Jun 2021   Responsible Operator Jean Marc MomplĂ© 3B8DU
Supporting Organisation MRC - Mauritius Research Council  
Contact Person jean.marc.momple@gmail.com.nospam  
Headline Details: A 1U CubeSat mission with the following objectives: 1. Verify the performance of the on-board subsystems by receiving telemetry from the satellite and establish communication to and from the satellite (command and control). 2. Collect images of Mauritius and the Mauritian EEZ for capacity, building, experiment and research. 3. Experimental communication with other islands via the satellite (for scientific and/or emergency purposes), through a Radio Amateur digipeater payload. 4. V/U 9600bps GMSK digipeater may be open for Radio Amateur communication worldwide when the satellite not used for all above. Proposing VHF uplink and a UHF downlink using 9k6 GMSK with AX25. Planning a JAXA launch to the ISS in December 2019 for subsequent deployment. **A downlink on 436.925 MHz has been coordinated** **Now expected to be deployed from the ISS on June 22nd 2021. Decoders for the HAM community and schools are being fine tuned these days by Chris (AC2CZ) and Daniel (EA4GPZ) and already available in the public domain on their WEB sites/Github, Links will be provided before launch on Tweeter, AMSAT-BB and https://spacemauritius.com. For the digipeater operation it will be necessary to evaluate the power available after deployment to decide on opening same 24/7 or on scheduled time**
Application Date: 26 Jun 2019   Freq coordination completed on 19 Aug 2019

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