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REALOP Updated: 09 Aug 2022   Responsible Operator John Berg K6JRB
Supporting Organisation University of California, Davis  
Contact Person jrberg@ucdavis.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: A 2U CubeSat mission. The primary educational goal of the mission is to demonstrate the use of common hard disk drives (HDDs) as functional CubeSat reaction wheels. This will require telemetry from HDD reaction wheel tests to be transmitted to Earth. Additionally, we will be establishing a ground station based at UC Davis to receive from the satellite. This mission is only for educational and research purposes. The mission purpose is to enable research and contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of small satellite engineering, as well as contribute to the amateur satellite community (after experiment completion, the satellite will be placed under control of AMSAT, and even during experimentation we will aim to keep the transponder on at all times). Students will be given the opportunity to get hands-on experience communicating with the satellite using radio signals once it is in orbit, as well as be exposed to the larger world of amateur radio by becoming licensed to do so. Additionally, our payload seeks to reduce the financial barrier of entry to CubeSat development. Proposing a 30 kHz U/V linear transponder and telemetry downlink using 1k2 BPSK. Planning a SpaceX launch to the ISS in Q1 2023. **A transponder downlink 435.775 MHz has been coordinated, together with a telemetry and beacon downlink on 435.750 MHz and a transponder uplink on 145.875 MHz**
Application Date: 16 Apr 2022   Freq coordination completed on 09 Aug 2022

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