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Firebird A&B Updated: 04 Dec 2012   Responsible Operator Larry Springer K6PJ
Supporting Organisation Montana State University  
Contact Person lspringer@physics.montana.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: These are two 1.5U cubesats ● The FIREBIRD mission will: • Asses the spatial size of relativistic electron microbursts. • Asses the energy coherence of relativistic electron microbursts. • Asses the total radiation belt relativistic electron loss due to microbursts. • Asses the energy spectra of microbursts as a function of geomagnetic activity. • Asses the structure within a microburst region. ● The FIREBIRD mission consists of two identical satellites each satellite will require a separate downlink frequency but will share the uplink frequency. ● Test the operation of a cubesat integrated GPS for orbit determinations of absolute position for both spacecraft. ● Provide training in radio technique for the student radio operators in the tracking of remote space-based amateur radio stations. For FIREBIRD, each satellite transmitter operates at 1 Watt of peak transmission power. The communication system has a status “heartbeat” that can be enabled which contains satellite identification and system health. This “heartbeat” will be transmitted in a human readable form for ease of reception by any ham operators who may be listening. The science and attitude data are downlinked after an uplinked command and is in a non-human readable binary format for which a decoder is required (see details attached). (encoding format of command data needs to be attached) Uplink/downlink of microburst data from each satellite is planned to take place from the primary control station on the campus at Montana State University, but collaboration with other ground stations for downloading data is also a possibility. Proposing downlink as at 19k2 GMSK on VHF with uplink at 1k2 on UHF. Planning a National Space Foundation launch into a 400-600km orbit with an inclination of at least 60 degrees. More info http://www.ssel.montana.edu **Downlinks of 437.405 & 437.230MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 19 Aug 2010   Freq coordination completed on 01 Jan 1970

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