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Lambdasat Updated: 07 Sep 2013   Responsible Operator Simeon Kanis KK6DFZ
Supporting Organisation San Jose State University  
Contact Person kanis.simon@gmail.com.nospam  
Headline Details: Lambdasat is a 1U (10x10x10 cm) Nanosatellite containing three-four technologies (Iridium, AIS, Graphene, Custom PCBs) that will be demonstrated during flight. • Iridium: Two-way communication via the satellite phone/ data network Iridium. • AIS: World wide vessel tracking technology and piracy prevention. Demonstrate up-link/down-link global communication capabilities with the Hellenic merchant ships • Graphene: Technology demonstration of advanced sensors for space-rated hardware and radiation-hardening applications. • Custom PCBs: Technology demonstration for custom commercial PCBs in cubesat missions. The Lambdasat will de-orbit approximately after 6 months. The first technology to be demonstrated is Plug-and-Play power architecture, the goal of which is rapidly, reconfigured nanosatellite technologies based on miniaturized avionics components. The second technology is two-way communication via the satellite phone / data networks Iridium and Orbcomm. About 30 days after deployment, Lambdasat will de-orbit. Also planning a 1 watt Stensat compatible 70cms beacon. Planning to launch on HTV-3 on 26th Nov 2013 for eventual deployment from the ISS together with AztekSat. More info at www.lambdasat.com and www.simonathome.com/satellitebeacon.html **A downlink on 437.465 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 06 Jun 2013   Freq coordination completed on 06 Sep 2013

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