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Planetum 1 Updated: 28 Feb 2022   Responsible Operator Dana Mentzlova OK1ZDR
Supporting Organisation Planetum – Observatory and Planetarium  
Contact Person dana.mentzlova@gmail.com.nospam  
Headline Details: PLANETUM1 nanosatellite is a CubeSat type satellite with weight approx. 1 kg and 100x100x113.5 mm dimensions. The satellite will be used for radio amateur activities and educational and science & engineering popularization purposes. Themes for bachelor and diploma thesis will be assigned in terms of this satellite. The popularization movie for children will be created in terms of the satellite. Workshops and lectures will be organized for teachers and students during which participants will learn how to communicate with the satellite, how to create their own antennas etc. The owner and operator of the satellite is the Observatory and Planetarium of the capital city Prague. The nanosatellite will be launched into orbit in the flight window from June 2022 until September 2022. In cooperation with the partners of the PLANETUM1 project, technological experiments will be placed onboard the satellite focusing on testing new components. There will be placed also sensors for monitoring the properties of the environment in Earth orbit. The nanosatellite will communicate in the amateur radio band and provide amateur radio services. Planetum1 satellite is designed for HAM radio activities. Main purpose is to provide services for radio amateurs worldwide and also for schools, students and universities to get hands-on experience with satellite communication and get radioamateur licences. One of the project goals is to popularize HAM activities across the general public, teachers, students and children in the Czech Republic. Planetum1 will provide these HAM services: - AX.25 telemetry - CW beacon - Digipeater - Anniversary/special occasions AX.25 & CW messages for community engagement - SATNOGS integration, decoder, dashboard, at least two new ground stations added to the SATNOGS network - Live photos of the Earth send by AX.25 packets Planning a UHF downlink using AX25 GFSK with G3RUH modulation at 9k6kps. Planning a launch via Exolaunch GmbH on SpaceX Transport 5 mission in Q3 2022 from Florida in to a 500/600km SSO. **A downlink on 436.680 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 25 Jan 2022   Freq coordination completed on 28 Feb 2022

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