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SporeSat Updated: 13 Jul 2013   Responsible Operator Christopher Kitts Not applicable
Supporting Organisation Santa Clara University  
Contact Person ckitts@scu.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: SporeSat is a fundamental space biology science experiment project to investigate biophysical mechanisms of plant gravity sensing using “labon- a-chip” experiment approach. SporeSat will utilize flight proven spacecraft technologies demonstrated on prior Ames nanosatellite missions such as PharmaSat and O/OREOS. In addition, the SporeSat payload will serve as a technology platform to evaluate new microsensor technologies for enabling future fundamental biology missions. The primary goal of the SporeSat Project is to utilize an autonomous, free-flying spacecraft to conduct scientific experiments to gain a deeper knowledge of the mechanism of plant cell gravity sensing. The project’s approach allows for realtime measurement of calcium signaling and maintenance of variable gravity treatments during the flight experiment. Technical objectives focus on refining current lab-on-a-chip sensor system in the development of a new CEL-C Advanced bioCD designed for the micro-satellite platform. Radios include one Stensat beacon transmitter per satellite, for which coordination is sought, and one Microhard 2420 transceiver, using spread spectrum in the 2.4GHz band. Requesting 437.1MHz for a 1 watt AX25 over AFSK beacon. Planning a launch on a Falcon 9, CRS-3, ElaNa V mission to 325x325x51.5 degree orbit in late 2013 together with ALL-STAR/THEIA (Univ of CO), KickSat (Cornell), PhoneSat (NASA ARC) ** Downlinks on 437.100MHz and 2401.2 -2431.2MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 10 Jun 2013   Freq coordination completed on 10 Jul 2013

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