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CSIM Updated: 18 Nov 2017   Responsible Operator Paul Smith N/A
Supporting Organisation Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics  
Contact Person paul.smith@lasp.colorado.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: The primary objective of CSIM (Compact Solar Irradiance Monitor) is to measure the solar spectral irradiance (SSI) from 200 – 2400 nm with an SI-traceable absolute calibration at better than 0.2% uncertainty. The radiative energy from the Sun establishes the basic climate of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere. The SSI measurement is fundamental to interpreting how the Earth responds to solar variability, identifying the physical mechanisms of response, and validating climate model sensitivity to spectrally varying solar force. Presently, significant uncertainties in the difference between the SSI observations and model simulation on the solar-cycle timescales precludes our ability to fully establish the impact of long-term spectral variability on wavelength-dependent atmospheric and climate processes. In addition, because of the limited lifespan of sensors, long data sets require the linking of multiple sensor data into a continuous data record. By following the traditional high-cost, long lifetime mission approach to measuring the SSI, the solar data record is at risk of measurement gaps, increasing the historical uncertainty. As a low-cost, rapid turnaround mission, CSIM aims to show that the difficult SSI measurement can be accomplished by a small (30x20x10 cm) instrument. CSIM will operationally prove new technology advancements and is expected to improve upon the accuracy of traditional missions and reduce the risk of data record gaps. Proposing a 19k2 GMSK UHF downlink and planning a Nov 2018 launch into a 500km 52 degree inclination orbit. **A downlink on 437.250 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 10 Oct 2107   Freq coordination completed on 18 Nov 2017

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