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Tu-POD Updated: 29 Oct 2014   Responsible Operator Chantal Cappelletti 2E0CCX
Supporting Organisation Gauss Srl  
Contact Person Chantal.cappelletti@gmail.com.nospam  
Headline Details: The TuPOD 3U mission will allow the in orbit deployment of the first TubeSats: Tancredi I , from Brazil and Ulisse I, from Mexico. Both satellites are educational satellites and involve young students in the projects. TuPOD will integrate the 2 satellites inside a 3U CubeSat Structure designed to allow the coupling between TubeSat and JSSOD launch mechanism. The TuPOD will release the two satellites after 2 days, in accordance with NASA safety requirements. After the tubesat deployment, the TUPOD will start is own mission receiving and sending data to amateur ground stations. The TuPOD electronics have been designed by students at Morehead State university and is an update version of 50$-sat PocketQube electronics and TT&C system. Proposing a 1k2 GMSK UHF downlink and now expected to be deployed fom the ISS in spring 2105. A downlink on 437.425MHz has been coordinated.
Application Date: 18 Sep 2014   Freq coordination completed on 24 Oct 2104

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