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VZLUSAT-2 Updated: 09 Apr 2021   Responsible Operator Richard Linhart OK1CTR
Supporting Organisation University of West Bohemia in Pilsen  
Contact Person rlinhart@kae.zcu.cz.nospam  
Headline Details: VZLUSAT-2 is 3U CubeSat project of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and Czech Aerospace Research Centre. In this mission students from four Czech technical universities are involved with us along with members of an amateur radio community from The Czech Republic. The primary payload of the mission is the experimental Earth-observation camera with an expected resolution around 30 to 50 m GSD. Secondary payloads of the mission are Radiation Orbital Monitor, Gama Ray Burst detector, X-ray detector and other sensors. This mission is fully open to radio amateurs who were also involved in the development of the satellite. The space segment uses two amateur bands for communication. An Sband for payload data downlink (DVBS2 ETSI EN 302 307 standard, 2 MBd, QPSK) and UHF-band for downlink beacon (GMSK 1200 Bd), telecommand uplink (GMSK, 1200 Bd - 9600 Bd) and telemetry downlink (GMSK 4800, 9600 Bd). All of the information is in an open format and everything needed for decoding is or will be published on this website: https://www.pilsencube.zcu.cz/vzlusat2/trans mission.pdf. Planning a launch from Cape Canaveral in the time window from December 2020 to March 2021 into SSO 500-600 km. **A downlink on 437.325 MHz has been coordinated** **The VZLUSAT-2 will now be launched from the Vandenberg AFB site during the Transporter-2 mission of the SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket. The date is expected to be between 1st June and 31th August 2021**
Application Date: 21 May 2020   Freq coordination completed on 05 Jul 2020

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