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TCU-100 Updated: 12 Oct 2021   Responsible Operator Asaki Kiuchi JK1FTZ
Supporting Organisation Tokyo City University  
Contact Person g2012032@tcu.ac.jp.no spam  
Headline Details: A 1U CubeSat mission TCU-00 is one of the child satellites carried by STARS-X which is developed by Shizuoka University, but will not use amateur band for its operation except for its child satellites. TCU-00 will be released from STARS-X mother satellite once it is in orbit, and it will carry out amateur and educational missions.[Overview] M1. We allow ham radio operators to uplink a request signal to downlink SSTV or Digi-talker signal. M2. We test 360-degree Camera Unit to take all-sky images with two fish-eye cameras. M3. Packet forwarding service by the 430MHz transceiver for amateur radio operators by 1200 BPS (AFSK on FM) and 9600 BPS (GMSK) modes. Minimum success -Reception of CW downlink from TCU-00 and acquire HK telemetry to verify the satellite working status. Full success ・Confirmation of release from STARS-X by LED signage pattern on TCU-00 recognized by STARS-X Extra success -Digi-talker operation (Reception of pre-recorded call sign and organization name on FM downlink at the ground station and amateur stations.) -SSTV operation (Reception of pre-stored images on FM-SSTV downlink at the ground station and amateur stations.) -Packet forwarding service operation achieved. -Camera shooting and downlink of shoot picture. -Recognize the Earth on camera view and take picture of the Earth. The amateur radio operators can exercise satellite communication with Digi-talker, SSTV and Packet forwarding provided by TCU-00 for self-training, intercommunication, and investigations. Proposing a UHF downlink with 9k6 FSK 1k2 AFSK Analogue SSTV , a digitalker and CW. Planning a launch from the Uchinoura space Center into a 500km polar orbit. **A downlink and inter-satellite link has been coordinated on 436.325 MHz as well as a downlink on 437.750 MHz**
Application Date: 07 Sep 2021   Freq coordination completed on 11 Oct 2021

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