IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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SeeMe Updated: 10 Jun 2015   Responsible Operator Thomas Fagan
Supporting Organisation Raytheon Missile Systems  
Contact Person tjfagan@raytheon.com .nospam  
Headline Details: This project is intended to demonstrate the capabilities of a small, quickly deployable satellite to provided advanced imaging and communications to the warfighter. It uses an inclined low earth orbit to be able to make multiple passes over sensitive areas each day. The demonstration model is attempting to show how the images can be captured, downloaded, and moved to a central point to be of use. The actual data in the images is not the purpose of the demonstration, the operations of the satellite and network are the purpose of the demonstration. Because of this, the demonstration is planned to be short-lived, and the controls built in to the satellite and network ultimately will disable the satellite if there are any technology failures. Proposing a downlink on 2425MHz using 1.6Mbps BPSK intended for use over the US only. Planning a DARPA launch by SpaceX from Vandenburg into a 720 x450km 98 degree orbit. ** Downlinks on 437.425MHz, 437.450MHz and 2425MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 05 Apr 2015   Freq coordination completed on 06 Jun 2015

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