IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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e-st@r Updated: 01 Jan 2009   Responsible Operator Marco Mascarello IW1DGG
Supporting Organisation RI – Sezione di Bra (Ham Radio Club) & POLITECNICO  
Contact Person IQ1RY sabrina.corpino@polito.it.nospam  
Headline Details: A cubesat project manifested for the maiden VEGA launch.The e-st@r cubesat is an educational satellite developed at Politecnico di Torino by students and researchers. The mission objectives can be summed up as follows:Primary objective is to test an active Attitude Determination and Control System based on magnetic actuators. Secondary objective is to test into space components and materials. Proposing CW telemetry downlinking on UHF.** A simplex freqeuncy of 437.445MHz has been co-ordinated** More info at www.polito.it
Application Date: 14 Nov 2008   Freq coordination completed on 01 Jan 2009

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