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Humsat-D Updated: 28 May 2012   Responsible Operator Fernando Aguado Agelet EA1IGX
Supporting Organisation University of Vigo  
Contact Person aguado@tsc.uvigo.es.nospam  
Headline Details: A 1U cubesat mission planning to use MSK telemetry and a CW beacon on UHF. The main mission is educational: to provide a hands-on experience to the students in the complete process of developing an space mission. The other goal is to demonstrate the validity of the concept ot Humsat (www.humsat.org). A new subsystem to collect data from sensors located on the ground will be developed and validated in orbit. Humsat will collect data from sensors, store it on-board and transmit it to ground stations. Data collected will be available through Internet for the users. Sensors can be used to collect and transmit small data contents such as temperatures, level of water, wind speed... Some applications can be humanitarian (quality of water, level of wells...) or climate change control (weather variables monitoring, sea level...) Universities and amateurs are invited to develop their own sensors compatible with Humsat (documentation of interfaces is available) Planning a launch from a DNEPR in late 2012 from Yasny in Russia into a SSO at 700km. **Revised frequencies of 437.325MHz and 437.525MHz have now been coordinated**
Application Date: 23 Mar 2012   Freq coordination completed on 03 Apr 2012

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