IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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SFAB-01 Updated: 07 Mar 2018   Responsible Operator Senguan Fan BH4EKS
Supporting Organisation Amateur Radio Interest Group of Shanghai Tech University  
Contact Person fansenquan_arig@163.com.nospam  
Headline Details: A microsat of approx 50k kg approx 25 x25 50 cms with deployable solar panels. The amateur mission: • An amateur radio digi-peater payload available for all radio amateurs. • Digi-peater uplink on 2m amateur band and down link on 70cm amateur bandusing 4k8 FSK. • TT&C uplink on 2m amateur band and down link on 70cm amateur band for amateur payload using 4k8 FSK. Planning a launch from Jiuquan on 30the June 2018 into a 700km SSO. The non-amateur mission(experimental mission ): • The experiment of satellite-ground laser communication and high-power energy access technology. • The non-amateur payload data transmission will use laser link. • The TT&C for non-amateur payload will use the frequencies of spacecraft operation service in S band. Earth to space telecomand: 2025~2110MHz, space to earth telemetry: 2200~2290MHz. ** Digipeater and telemetry downlink has been coordinated on 435.645 MHz and digipeater uplink on 145.880 MHz**
Application Date: 06 Feb 2018   Freq coordination completed on 07 Mar 2018

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