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BOTAN Updated: 24 Oct 2023   Responsible Operator Tsumugi Ohmura JS1YKP
Supporting Organisation Chiba Institute of Technology  
Contact Person s19a4030sv@s.chibakoudai.jp.nospam  
Headline Details: 1. APRS Mission. APRS service including Digipeater functionality can be activated by the command from ground station and the maximum duration of continuous operation is 720 minutes. The frequency of APRS service operation would depend on the solar power generation condition. 2. Camera Missions The BOTAN camera has a visible angle of 63 degrees and a pixel size of 3280x2464. It captures images of pumice locations near the Okinawa Japan, aurora borealis, and South Dakota cornfields. The image data captured by the camera is stored in flash memory and can be downloaded in 118kByte by cropping the necessary parts. Downlinked images will be published on the website. 3.Gyro Mission The rotation and tilt of this satellite, BOTAN, is detected by a gyro sensor, and the rotation is visualized by the Android application or website. Information is available on the website. https://sites.google.com/p.chibakoudai.jp/gardens-04/home-english/missions. Proposing UHF downlink for telemetry and data and aVHF downlink for APRS. Planning either an ISS deployment or a Falcon 9 launch. Either Aug 25 (ISS) or Dec 2024 (Falcon 9 to SSO at 500 km) **Downlinks on 145.825 MHz and 437.375 MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 28 Sep 2023   Freq coordination completed on 23 Oct 2023

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