IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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CisLunar Explorers 1 & 2 Updated: 12 Dec 2016   Responsible Operator Filipe Dos Santos Lopes Pereira KD2IXI
Supporting Organisation CisLunar Explorers Satellite Project  
Contact Person fmd43@cornell.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: A pair of L shaped 3U CubeSats.Both will be launched on the same rocket and ejected into identical orbits. They will then separate. The mission plan is to develop and demonstrate the viability of electrolysis propulsion for CubeSats , by competing in NASA’s Lunar CubeQuest challenge. requesting 437MHz frequencies for downlinking using PSK31 format. Planning a Sept 2018 launch from Kennedy Space Center into a trans-lunar injection orbit. More info from https://cislunarexplorers.wordpress.com/ ** Up and Downlinks on 437,500MHz and 437,510MHz have been coordinated** **Is now also planning to use PSK250**
Application Date: 30 Jul 2015   Freq coordination completed on 24 Aug 2015

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