IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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ASRTU-1 Updated: 04 Apr 2022   Responsible Operator Chaoran Hu BG2CRY
Supporting Organisation Harbin Institute of Technology  
Contact Person hcr_hit@hit.edu.cn.nospam  
Headline Details: ASRTU-1 is a 12U Cubesat mission designed by Russian and Chinese university students for education and amateur radio. The amateur radio station onboard ASRTU-1 will provide telecommand uplink and telemetry / digital image downlink. Harbin Institute of Technology has successfully developed several amateur radio satellites, including LilacSat-2 (CAS-3H), LilacSat-1 (LO-90), DSLWP-A (LO-93) and DSLWP-B (LO-94). A new SDR based transceiver was developed for ASRTU-1 to provide communication and experiment resources to radio amateurs, including a V/U FM transponder, a UHF telemetry downlink and a 10.5G image downlink. The satellite will also provide an open telecommand to allow radio amateurs to send commands to control the satellite to take and download images. Proposing 9k6 BPSK telemetry and NBFM repeater downlinks on UHF and 1 Mbps/10mbps QSPK downlink on X Band for image downloads. The repeater uplink will be on VHF using a 67Hz PL. Planning a Roscosmos launch from Vostochny in Q4 2022 into a 530km SSO. ** Downlinks on 436.210 MHz, 435.400 MHz and 10460.00 MHz and a repeater uplink on 145.875 MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 05 Oct 2021   Freq coordination completed on 04 Apr 2022

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