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Colibri-S Updated: 27 Apr 2024   Responsible Operator Maksim Ivanushkin R4HIZ
Supporting Organisation Samara University  
Contact Person ivanushkin.ma@ssau.ru.nospam  
Headline Details: A 3U CubeSat mission. The Colibri S spacecraft is a small satellite designed to perform educational tasks in the field of radio communications and Earth remote sensing, acquisition of hyperspectral images of the Earth surface, as well as educational activities within the framework of the Space pi project of the Dezhurnyj po planete programme of the Innovation Support Foundation. The payload installed on the spacecraft is a 10x15 mm near-infrared hyperspectral camera of the scanning slit type with a diffraction optical element based on a grating on a convex mirror with a Rubinar 4.5 300 mm lens for obtaining hyperspectral images of the Earth surface. The Colibri S spacecraft is intended for educational, self study and technical research purposes conducted by radio amateurs. Radio amateurs will be able to track the spacecraft and receive telemetry and payload information. Anyone interested will be able to participate in the planned transmissions. It is also possible to transmit text, telemetry and remote sensing data, including using the amateur radio X-band, at any time and at any point during the pass, as agreed. In case of successful reception, the mission team will be able to assist in decoding and interpreting the received signal, as well as in processing the received images. Proposing a UHF downlink for AX25 beacon and telemetry using 9k6 GFSK and an X Band downlink for image data using DVB S2 with a 2 MHz bandwidth. Planning a launch from Vostochiny Cosmodrome in May 2024 into a 500 to 520 km SSO. **Downlinks on 436.835 MHz and 10475.00 MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 11 Mar 2024   Freq coordination completed on 27 Apr 2024

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