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Flying Laptop (FLP) Updated: 11 Apr 2017   Responsible Operator Kai-Soeren Klemich DC3KAI
Supporting Organisation University of Stuttgart  
Contact Person klemich@irs.uni-stuttgart.de klemich@irs.uni-stuttgart.de  
Headline Details: A 130kg spacecraft of 600x702x866mm. WIll demonstrate a number of innovative technologies including infra-red high speed optical links. Also three cameras with 25 metre resolution and an S Band downlink for near real time observations. Proposing 10Mbit/s QPSK LHCP transmissions using CCSDS like protocol. No launch yet confirmed but planning a sun syncronous LEO in **late 2015**. More information from https://oc.irs.uni-stuttgart.de/public.php?service=files&t=e12e0e7f821a3163d949a580672a3def using password hamradio13 **Coordination of 2408MHz as the downlink has been completed** **Now expecting to be a piggy-back launch on a Soyuz Fregat from Baikonur with Kanopus V-IK as the main passenger. The launch is currently scheduled not before 15 December 2016, but may be postponed to early 2017. The target orbit is a sun-synchronous orbit in 600km altitude with a Local Time of Ascending Node of 11h.** ** New launch details - currently it is scheduled for 14th July 2017. The target orbit is now a 600km circular SSO with a LTAN of 11:30h. **
Application Date: 28 Apr 2013   Freq coordination completed on 12 Jun 2013

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