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Dream Sat 01 Updated: 27 Oct 2017   Responsible Operator Katsuya Shibata JJ1GPJ
Supporting Organisation Osaka Institute of Technology  
Contact Person shibaken0721@gmail.com.nospam  
Headline Details: Dream Sat 01 is 1U (10 [cm3]) CubeSat and the mass is approximately 1 [kg]. The structure and bus system of this satellite consist of OPUSAT-Kit, which is developed based on Osaka Prefecture University’s CubeSat ―OPUSAT‖ and manufactured by NISSIN Co., Ltd. In Dream Satellite Project, we develop only the mission system. The missions of Dream Sat 01 are described below. Mission 1 : Amateur Radio Missions - To provide amateur radio operators for mail box service - To provide amateur radio operators for QSL service - To map QSO locations where Dream Sat 01 transmits/receives amateur radio mission data/commands and amateur radio operators transmit/receive them. More info at http://faspia.or.jp/ Proposing a VHF downlink with CW, AFSK 1k2 packet and GMSK 9k6 packet with a UHF uplink. Planning a deployment from the ISS in Q1 2019. ** A downlink on 145.860 MHz**
Application Date: 19 Oct 2017   Freq coordination completed on 26 Oct 2017

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