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FossaSat-1B Updated: 24 Feb 2020   Responsible Operator Julian Ismael Fernandez Barcellona EA4HCD
Supporting Organisation AMSAT-EA  
Contact Person julian.ismael.fernandez@gmail.com.nospam  
Headline Details: The FossaSat-1B 5x5x5cm Pocketqube satellite forms part a two satellite constellation with FossaSat-2, both to be launched into a very LEO orbit with a life of under 2 months. FossaSat-1B is a copy of the FossaSat-1 satellite already licensed and launching in November of 2019, it differs in the use of CW instead of RTTY and new solar panels. The following points are our objectives for the mission: The first is the general development of miniaturized and inexpensive satellite systems for space applications using off the shelf components. As amateurs, it is a huge step forward for our nation being able to prove that we can successfully design, manufacture & deploy a satellite in orbit for amateur investigation and use with a limited budget. The second is the promotion & involvement of students in aerospace development on an international level, giving them the opportunity to test their hardware and software experiments on the satellite. We will Rev. 39. 3 September 2018 5 Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination Request — Page be hosting STEM workshops & competitions for secondary students to participate in, a full section of the satellite is dedicated to these experiments for educational research. As a continuation of the FossaSat-1 mission which will deorbit approximately at the same time as this satellite will launch, we hope to extend the lora coverage on the same frequency an additional 2 months. The output power from the transmitter required for the correct reception during a pass is also very low at well under 100mW, being spread spectrum at such low power it poses no interference risk. It operates at a considerable level below the noise level of other systems and would cause no interference to weak narrowband signals. Amateurs will be able to repeat messages on the satellite, store and forward messages openly across the globe. Students & Amateurs will be able to receive telemetry from the satellite with inexpensive hardware, expanding & promoting the amateur satellite community in the youth. Uplink challenges will also be carried out with rewards for amateurs. All we do is completely open source, all information regarding the design of the satellite & how to decode its information will be clearly laid out & hosted by us, promoting its use. Proposing UHF downlinks for 125kbps Lora, 9k6 GMSK and CW. Planning a launch from Vandenberg in Feb 2020 into a 300km polar orbit with FOSSA 1B, Fossa 2, and LibreSpace Qubik 1/2. More info from https://www.amsat-ea.org *Downlinks on 436.700 MHz and 436.800 MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 23 Oct 2019   Freq coordination completed on 24 Feb 2020

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