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Prox-1 Updated: 09 Apr 2016   Responsible Operator Sterling Peet KK4UVG
Supporting Organisation Georgia Institute of Technology  
Contact Person sterling.peet@gatech.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: The Georgia Institute of Technology Prox-1 mission is designed to demonstrate automated trajectory control in low-Earth orbit relative to a deployed cubesat. The spacecraft has been designed, fabricated and tested by a team of Georgia Tech undergraduate and graduate students who will also be responsible for mission operations. The Prox-1 spacecraft is equipped with thermal and visible imagers provided by Arizona State University. Prox-1 will deploy The Planetary Society’s LightSail 2 solar sail spacecraft. Prox-1 will fly in close proximity to LightSail 2, demonstrating automated trajectory control based upon relative orbit determination using passive imaging. Prox-1 will also acquire images of the LightSail 2 solar sail deployment event, and provide first-time flight validation of a microsatellite control moment gyroscope unit, a small satellite propulsion system, and a lightweight thermal imager.70 kg small satellite, 56 x 61 x 23 cm UHF monopole antenna on -X axis S-band monopole antenna on +X axis 3-axis stabilized; antennas aligned with cross-track direction Proposing a 2.3GHz Downlink and 436MHz uplink. Planning a March 2017 launch into a 720km 20 degree inclination orbit from KSC. More info from http://www.prox-1.gatech.edu **This updated request was received on 11/3/2016** An uplink on 437,345 MHz has been coordinated but the proposed downlink is not on a frequency available to the amateur satellite service**
Application Date: 15 Nov 2014   Freq coordination completed on 09 Apr 2016

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