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CRAC-01 Updated: 17 Oct 2022   Responsible Operator Zhenyu Chen BG1ESR
Supporting Organisation Chinese Radio Amateurs Club  
Contact Person bi1rg@bi1rg.space.nospam  
Headline Details: A 30kg spacecraft 465x464x354 mm. CRAC-01 is a small satellite designed by Engineering Team of Chinese Radio Amateurs Club, Reger Technology and the Beijing No. 15th middle school students. The target is to have the amateur radio in the space and educational program with middle school students. The space amateur radio station will provide  VHF telemetry downlink.  UHF telecommand uplink.  V/U NBFM transponder.  X band image data downlink experiment. The X band image data downlink will be controlled through UHF public telecommand channel. The educational mission includes:  Fruit fly cartridge for the biology experiment in the space;  The photographic captured on the orbit. The CRAC-01 will use SDR based transceiver to provide communication and experiment resources to radio amateurs, including a V/U NBFM transponder, a VHF telemetry downlink and a X-band image downlink for experimentation. The satellite will also provide an open telecommand for radio amateurs sending commands to control the satellite and obtaining the orbit camera images. Proposing a U/V FM transponder and VHF telemetry downlink using 9k6 GMSK and image download on X Band using 10M or 1M QPSK. Planning a Q4 2023 Galactic Energy launch from Jiuquan into a 500km circular polar orbit. Link budgets are here https://bi1rg.github.io/posts/crac-01/ and more info here https://bi1rg.github.io **FM transponder downlink on 145.980 MHz, TLM downlink on 145.995, voice and image downlink on 10455.00 MHz have been coordinated together with the FM transponder uplink on 435.900 MHz.**
Application Date: 14 Sep 2022   Freq coordination completed on 14 Oct 2022

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